The criteria cognitive aptitude test is an industry-grade assessment used by companies to assess candidates for the final selection by the recruiters. If you are job seeking and have been asked to take the criteria cognitive aptitude test, being prepared is critical to getting a good score.

If you wonder what to expect on the criteria cognitive aptitude test, here are the details on this assessment and how to prepare for it.

What is the criteria for the cognitive aptitude test?

This assessment is all about finding out more about yourself as a job applicant for potential employers to determine whether or not to hire you. A wide range of questions and exercises are used to help companies make that determination. The criteria cognitive aptitude test also does a lot more for HR departments.

How does it help HR departments?

The assessments help HR departments hasten the onboarding process and save resources that could be used setting up and conducting interviews with individuals that aren’t a fit.

HR departments can also use the cognitive aptitude test to place onboarded applicants within relevant departments. Applicants that exhibit a high cognitive aptitude can then be placed in strategic roles.

Sections of this test

If you are writing this test, you’ll recognize that it has been broken down into primarily three different sections. One section has been dedicated purely towards assessing your cognitive aptitude using a variety of related exercises.

The other section is aimed at identifying any skills you have attained over the years and strong points. The last section is aimed at something different, which is identifying your personality.

Questions to expect

What questions should you expect when writing this exam? There are many multiple-choice questions on this assessment, with some exercises that need some written statements or findings. Some of the questions you can expect do not have a right or wrong answer but just need your perspective on them.

Preparing for the exam

Now that you know more about the cognitive aptitude test, it will be better to prepare for this assessment. There are countless study aids that can be used to prepare yourself for this test. The criteria basic skills test is aimed at helping you get a good score on this test and other online resources at your disposal.

Aspects you will be tested on

You will be tested on a wide range of skills that fall under the 3 section criteria of this test. Skills relative to your skills will be tested and those related to the cognitive aptitude you have got. What are some of the more specific points you will be tested on?

Verbal communication 

Verbal communication skills are very important in most workforces, and determining whether or not an employee is good at this is essential. Therefore, on the exam, expect some questions regarding verbal communication and test your skills on it. A general understanding of spoken English is enough to pass the verbal communication sections.

Match logic

You will also be tested using some math logic to determine if you’re quick with calculations. This can help with placing you in a position more suitable with your skill set in maths and solving complex problems.

Although the math questions asked on the test are quite rudimentary and are not that complex, their purpose is figuring out how you reason with math logic.

Spatial reasoning 

Spatial reasoning is an important skill in jobs where you have to navigate a large space which could be outdoors or a big building.

You will be tested on this to determine how much you’re aware of when it comes to spatial reasoning. This is also aimed at helping you find the most suitable placement within the company between working at a desk or manual labor.

Personality assessment

A rather unique section of the test is the personality assessment because there are no right or wrong questions.

Instead, you have to answer the questions honestly to assist HR in understanding yourself a bit better. The personality assessment helps reveal your mission and vision, which can be perfect for certain company cultures, thus making you a good fit.

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