The $81 billion dollar industry, otherwise known as the US moving industry, estimates that 31 million people move homes annually.

If you are one of those people looking to relocate, you might find yourself wondering how to prepare for interstate relocation.

Here is a list of all the top tips and tricks for a long-distance move.


Planning a long-distance move is stressful. You have to figure out where you want to move, research the area, and execute the activity of moving homes.

One of the main factors to keep in mind when relocating across states is your budget because no one wants to be stressed about overspending when already relocating.

Budgets help you calculate what you spend, what you will spend, and what you don’t want to spend. For example, a budget can track what your current rent costs are and what your rent will be after relocating.

Budgets also measure additional moving expenses such as boxes, moving companies, and transportation. For a cost-effective and beneficial move, create a budget.


Moving homes requires manual labor, mental energy and lots and lots of research. If you move due to a job relocation, you need to look into the workforce in your new home, new responsibilities, and you should take the time to learn logistics of the new company or location.

Another important asset to research is the cost of living. Say you move from Alabama to California. Best Places notes California totals a 149.9 cost of living out of 100 while Alabama scores an 82.3 on the same scale.

The cost of living includes housing, groceries, oil, and taxes. To avoid unexpected bill surprises and extra expenses make sure to research the cost of living while planning your long-distance move.

The Local Scene

Does your current hometown host weekend activities for residents? Is your neighborhood quiet during the day and boisterous at night? Will your new neighborhood live up to your expectations?

Before you start your research about your new home, take into account everything you love about your current home. This way you know what (and what not) to look for when moving homes.

Hiring a Removal Company

Noone likes to lug large pieces of furniture across states. Well, except for removal companies. They specialize in making your move easy as they do all the heavy-lifting and transportation. A few months or weeks before the move, research the right removal company for you or your family and hire them.

Remember that 31 million people move per year. To ensure a spot with a mover, plan ahead.

Removal companies can move furniture and vehicles. If you’re planning to take your car with you, get a vehicle shipping quote.

Long-Distance Move Preparation

Long-distance moves require patience, planning, and preparation, but there are options to make the move easier. Making a budget, researching different aspects of the new place, and hiring a moving company early on can assist your interstate relocation.

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