APPA’s (Australian Paperboard and Packaging Association) recent research found that the self-adhesive wallpaper industry is growing in Australia. It has published a report detailing the industry and how it is changing.

As such, it has been reported that the industry will grow at a rate of between 20% and 25% per annum. And in 2020, it was found that 95% of households are using self-adhesive wallpaper in Australia.

What Is Self-Adhesive Wallpaper?

The self-adhesive wallpaper is a type of printed material applied to a wall. It consists of a backing board covered with adhesive (usually a unique adhesive) attached to the wall. The backing board is then covered with wallpaper, generally fragile paint. Such wallpaper can then be cut to any desired shape and colour and stuck onto walls.

Steps to Apply the Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

It shares many features with simple stickers. And all you need to do is peel the back layer and stick it on the wall.

Prepare the wall – Switch the main power of your home to protect the power outlets. Then using a damp cloth or sponge, clean the wall. Then, wait for a day for the walls to dry completely.

Measure – Start measuring the size of the wallpaper, then mark it over the wall. Draw lines following the marks, and the lines will help you stick the strip of wallpaper.

Peel off and stick the wallpaper – Remove the back layer of the wallpaper and follow the line drawn to stick the wallpaper straightly. And after you have attached one edge of the wallpaper, press and smooth down against the wall to get a seamless look.

Follow the patterns and repeat – You have to follow the same process with every other piece of wallpaper. However, you have to ensure that the wallpaper correctly follows the pattern.


Application and Removal Are Easy

It is one of the most advantageous features of self-adhesive wallpapers; one can easily decorate their home using it. It is easy to remove without damaging the wall, so even people living in rented houses can use it.

Wallpapers for the home were in use for a long time. However, unlike the traditional wallpapers, which needed wet glue to paste and removal was impossible, self-adhesive wallpapers became super popular with their rule-breaking features.


Self-adhesive wallpaper in Australia is costlier than pre-pasted wallpaper; however, the former is cost-effective in the long run. It is more durable, and you do not have to spend money hiring a professional for installation as you can easily install it by yourself.

You can change it when you wish as it does not cause any damage or leave marks on the wall. Moreover, they also assure quality finish, which is not available with the pre-pasted wallpaper. As such, many businesses in Australia invest in self-adhesive wallpapers to promote their products and services.

Wide Variety

Self-adhesive wallpapers are available in many colours, patterns and textures. So if you are someone whose hobby is to redo the look of your home then and there, you can try as wide varieties as you wish. It allows you to give a new look to your home and settle with the most desirable look.

To sum up, the self-adhesive wallpaper industry has become highly competitive, with consumers changing their preferences due to the new technology and a rise in the retail sector. Thus, consumers are provided with incredible collections and beautiful varieties to decorate their spaces or promote their products.

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