You are in the right place to know what systems trucking companies use for moving cargo from one place to another. Gone are the days that only big truck companies need to use high-end systems for freighting cargo in the US and worldwide. But even if you are one among the many owning small 3PL companies, you need to have the most advanced systems.

Only then can you manage loads, receivables, and expenses fast and easily. Also, it will increase your capability to run detailed reports for customers to pay the drivers without delays.

The best system enables you to keep precise and detailed information on the trips and their mileage and fill IFTA or international fuel tax agreement reports.

So, check out the best systems for the best 3PL companies to improve their reputation to deliver goods on time without any damage by tracking the goods to be safe for boosting your truck business.

The rising demand for advanced systems for 3PL companies

The freight truck marketing size globally is to increase at a CAGR of 3% to reach 1110.45 from 875.46 billion dollars from 2020 to 2027. Compared to the other modes of freight transport, trucks play a significant role and continue to grow.

With e-commerce crossing 4 trillion of sales, the need for trucks will only increase more in the future. Hence small or big truck companies need to have the best systems to sustain and be successful in their business. They are no longer optional or luxury, one of the essential needs for all 3PL companies to install them sooner than later.

The best systems that excellent 3PL companies use

The best systems could be game-changers for any 3PL company operating trucks for freighting cargo because of the various benefits of using the best system, from automating the repetitive daily manual work to function seamlessly without errors fast and easy. A few of such excellent systems for the fast and easy functioning of 3PL companies include.

  •  Dynamic routing with real-time updates

Truck freight business solely depends on the movement of goods carrying cargo from one place to another. There are numerous paths that trucks have to travel across all the fifty states in continuously and unexpectedly changing weather conditions.

Only the best dynamic routing system will enable the trucks to travel through the right paths. Also, constant updates of the weather conditions in real-time will enable the truck drivers to reach the destination in time, defying the weather changes. Hence dynamic routing helps drivers drive safely to deliver in time for increasing the trustworthiness of the 3PL companies to improve their business.

  •  Forward-looking vehicle video games

Gone are the days of blaming the big trucks for accidents with smaller vehicles. The forward-looking vehicle video systems with extensive improvement in image processing, HD range image capturing, and usability, even low light and night time, save a lot of money from phony insurance claims.

  •  Innovative driver scorecards

Driving scorecards are not anymore giving only the miles per gallon but a lot of things with innovation. For example, it shows the driving style, whether reckless or smooth and applies more sudden brakes or rash driving to cause frequent accidents.

All of it is possible with a high-end system with a camera to record all such incidents to understand the driver better and reduce the fuel costs and the huge losses because of accidents and others.

  •  ELD or electronic logging devices

Gone are the days of AOBRDs as ELD or electronic logging devices have become mandatory for mostly all the interstate commercial trucking operations in the US. It ensures that the drivers fulfill the federal regulatory authority’s requirements and restrictions.  

Only the best 3PL companies will have the above excellent systems to grow your truck freighting business beyond expectations safely.

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