If you are on the search for a wood dining table, you may be deliberating the type of wood that is best. The best, durable wood is often scratch and stain resistant and will remain a solid and suitable choice for many years to come.

The type of wood material that you choose will determine its longevity and of course its price tag. So let’s look at some of the popular and most durable choices for the home.


Solid wood is heavier and harder and to all is also more durable than veneer. Of course, the type of wood is also important: the most common is oak, which is considered a hard and durable type of wood. Oak is durable because of its density.

There are about 600 different species of natural oak. It is considered one of the most expensive woods. Maple wood on the other hand is cheaper than oak, but is more likely to warp and turn, as it does not have the high durability of oak. Oak contains large amounts of tannin which is what gives it its resistance to the attack of fungi. This is why it remains a popular choice.



A wood dining table can be found in the form of walnut. There are African or American walnuts, which are with the same properties as oak, but in different colours which means there is a larger variety.

Walnut is rated at a 1010 on the Janka Hardness Scale. So it is not quite as durable as oak but it is still a top contender. The dark shades offer a sophistication that adds to its charm. You can quite conveniently view a range of dining tables for sale at Furniture in Fashion to suit your style and needs.


Whilst mahogany is classified as a more traditional and perhaps outdated wood, it is an incredibly durable wood. The mahogany tree belongs to the hardwood family.

It is a wood that is considered luxurious, and its natural colour is reddish brown, which darkens over time. As well as being a hard and durable wood, it is comfortable to work with too. In addition, mahogany wood is relatively light compared to other hardwoods. It is durable and traditional.


Cedar is a porous, resistant wood that looks sturdy and suits most aesthetics. It doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance, and is an exceptionally beautiful wood.

Two of the most common types of cedar are eastern red cedar which is a wood tinged with pink, and northern white cedar, which is both light and dark, with a grainy effect.


Pine is classed as a stiff wood, which contributes to its fine sturdy look and feel. A light and airy aesthetic, it looks gorgeous and is durable. Yellow stained pine is generally one of the most popular choices due to its density and hardness.

Whichever wood you decide to use for your next table, be sure that you choose a wood that will serve you well for the coming years as well as offer aesthetic qualities.

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