Most tourists are not familiar with Strathfield, much less include it in their list of destinations to visit in Sydney. But if you are a fan of Kpop, you should find time to explore this suburb, located about 12 kilometres away from the central business district.

Strathfield is also known as Little Korea due to the multiple mom-and-pop stores and grocery stores selling authentic Korean cuisines and goods. The gourmands will enjoy partaking of exotic meals that you do not get anywhere else in Sydney.

Strathfield is composed of residential neighbourhoods and small businesses. Everything is accessible, and just a phone call away.

Today’s technology even makes it possible to hire an electrician in Strathfield 24/7, which means a licensed professional can be at your doorstep within the hour.

Before calling an electrician, however, make sure you take note of the following:

1. The electrician should be licensed

There are three levels for a licensed electrician–Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. You will hire according to the task at hand. For example, a Level 1 electrician is not allowed to touch the meter box or the underground and overhead power supply. You need an electrician possessing a Level 2 ASP for that. If you are a small business owner, hiring the wrong electrician will seriously imperil your license to operate.

The electrician should be licensed

2. Not all licensed electricians exhibit the same skills

Experience counts a lot in the industry, and it is cultivated throughout the years. An electrician who just secured their license will not be as skilled as somebody who has already invested 10 years on the field.

The veteran electrician has honed their skills in practical situations. They have encountered all sorts of emergencies and would know how to develop simple solutions to complex situations. As you know, not everything you learn comes from books.

3. Equipment and tools

The lighting electrician should also be equipped with the right tools and instruments to handle any task. To save on time, the service provider should have a vehicle that contains all the equipment for the job.

4. Insured

Every job should be backed by insurance to make sure that you are sufficiently protected. Electrical jobs are very dangerous, as the data would show. For example, statistics from the New South Wales Fire and Rescue revealed that electrical faults cause 40% of incidents. Although very rare, accidents do happen. And when they do, you have peace of mind that you can claim insurance from the service provider to pay for the damage.

5. Professionalism

The electrician should be straight with you in terms of the cost. Be wary of some people who will try to entice customers with zero upfront cost, but will have all sorts of excuses to add to their professional fees.

In the end, you will pay more compared to someone who charges a call-out fee but gives you a breakdown of expected expenses. With that said, you should always prepare 20% more from the initial quotation from the electrician, just to be on the safe side.

Of course, not many people will consider courtesy and honesty on top of their list. But it goes a long way to earning the trust of the customer. You want to hire an electrician in Strathfield who not only knows what they are doing but also patient enough to explain the process to you.

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