Did you know that different mosquito types have different feeding and breeding habits? They’re also known to transfer different diseases depending on the species they’re feeding on.

This is why smart homeowners will educate themselves first if they’re living in an area prone to mosquitoes. The more information you have, the better able you can avoid mosquito infestations and deal with them in a smart way.

With this in mind, read on to learn some of the most common types of mosquitoes today!

Culex (House) Mosquitoes

These are the most common types of mosquitoes in the United States. Unfortunately, they can also transmit a number of viruses and parasites to us. This makes a mosquito infection all the more dangerous, as female mosquitoes can lay between 40 to 500 eggs at a time that can hatch in as little as 10 days.

You’ll recognize them for their pale brown color with white stripes. They like to breed in standing water, so make sure to drain out any pet dishes outside, birdbaths, storm drains, and more.

To keep them away from your home, you can use tools such as a masquito fogger machine.

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Discovered in the United States in 1985, female mosquitoes are far more aggressive than Culex mosquitoes and bite during the daytime. Males, on the other hand, don’t.

Although they breed the same as Culex mosquitoes in standing water, they’re also weak flyers. This means that they won’t fly far from their breeding sites, making it easier to avoid them if you have a larger yard.

They can transmit over 30 viruses with only a few affecting humans. Although most bites from these mosquitoes won’t make you sick, like most mosquito bites you’ll experience itchiness for the next few days.

Avoid scratching, as this can cause your bite to become infected. The CDC recommends a few steps after you’ve been bitten, such as washing with soap and water and applying an ice pack for 10 minutes.

Yellow Fever Mosquitoes

These mosquitoes are found in urban areas of southern Florida as well as coastal cities in Texas and Louisiana. They can also be found around the east coast up to New York.

Beyond yellow fever, they’re also known for transmitting dengue, Zika, and chikungunya viruses. They’re more dangerous to humans, as we’re their preferred snack. They also tend to feed during the daytime and are often found indoors.

This means that mosquito removal for these types of mosquitoes should be a priority.

Learning the Types of Mosquitoes: Know Your Enemy

By being aware of the types of mosquitoes infesting your yard, you’ll be better prepared to combat and remove them. For instance, most common mosquito types breed in standing water.

Ensure that there is no water gathering and sitting near your home. That way, you can help eliminate mosquito infestations before they even begin.

Ready for more tips on how to have a pest-free home? Keep reading the blog for more tips!

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