Craft beers are all the rage right now with people preferring to select these smaller businesses as opposed to the major breweries.

This is easy to see why when you consider the wide variety available and unique branding that makes craft beer so appealing. There are many microbreweries and craft shops popping up all over the place and this has also sparked a rise in home brewing.

Craft Beer Leading to Home Brewing

The rise of craft beer in the UK and overseas has opened people’s eyes to the ability to make your own beer at home. This has been furthered by COVID-19 with pubs and bars shut for long periods of time and people looking for new activities to enjoy at home.

Brewing beer at home can be a fun project for people, but it can also help them to make big savings on alcohol and this is understandable when you look at the cost of craft beer.

A Short-Lived Boom?

So, what might the situation look like moving forward for craft beer and home brewing? Experts predict that home brewing could decline as it has done in the US lately.

This can be attributed to a few reasons, such as pubs and bars reopening and life returning to (almost) normal. Many people are keen to return to pubs and bars after having to specialise so much at home and this does not bode well for home brewing.

Additionally, with craft beers coming in all different tastes and styles, it means that people do not have to go through the brewing process and can simply buy what they like from craft breweries.

Craft Beer Trend to Continue

Craft beer, meanwhile, is going from strength to strength. A study showed that more than 65% of UK drinkers now prefer craft beers to mainstream beers and it is becoming a major trend that appeals to drinkers of all ages.

You are beginning to find craft beers on tap in pubs in addition to having microbreweries and pop up shops. Additionally, the rise of subscription boxes has been huge with many companies offering craft beer boxes that allow people to try something new each month without having to leave the house.

It is interesting to see how people’s drinking habits have changed in recent times, especially when you factor in COVID-19. The craft beer trend continues to rise as people opt for smaller breweries while home brewing experienced a boom during lockdown but is now fading in popularity.

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