Wendy Joan Williams, popularly known as Wendy Williams is a renowned media personality. Besides being associated with media, she is also good at handling business. The celebrity gained popularity when she hosted the talk show the Wendy Williams show.

This show was aired in 2008 on the national television. Before appearing on television, she was heard in a radio DJ in New York. She has amazing speaking skills and the public called her a ‘Shock Jockette.’ Hosting interviews with many renowned celebrities brought her under the spotlight.

Inducted as the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009, she was also the author of best-selling books. Her contribution to the society was so vast that the Council of Asbury Park named her home street as Wendy Williams Way. Such initiative by the Council was a gift to Wendy on her 50th birthday.

How Much Wendy William Worth

Early Life:

Wendy was conceived on July 18, 1964, by Shirley and Thomas Williams. Her hometown was New Jersey and she was born at Asbury Park. However, she was not the only daughter of her parents.

She had two siblings, and her family moved towards Ocean township when she was five. There, she passed her High School in 1986, from the Ocean Township High School. Graduation was done from Northeastern University, Boston in the science stream of Communications. In her college, she ignited a spark of talent within herself as a DJ.

Age, Height, and Weight:

On 18th July 2020, she turned out to be 56. Wendy has a billed height of 178 cm and weighs around 79kg. She was in gossip due to the massive weight loss she made. Recently, she lost around 50 pounds.

Personal Life:

Way back in 1994, Williams wedded to her first spouse. His name was Bert Girigorie. The couple remained together for 5 short months. Then, both found their ways.

They isolated themselves in the following five months and were formally separated from 18 months later. In her autobiography Wendy’s Got the Heat, she alluded to him under the pen name “Morris III.”On November 30, 1997, Williams has wedded once again for the second time. This time, she was wedded to her subsequent spouse, Kevin Hunter.

Way back in 2000, they had their first child and named him Kevin Hunter Junior. In April 2019, Williams petitioned for legal separation against Kevin. She made this decision in disappointment. Wendy found that Hunter had fathered a kid with another woman. The separation was settled legally in January 2020.


Williams has a long and profound history for an astonishing career. She started training her vocational skills in the United States, Virgin Islands. This was long back when she was working for WVIS. Less than a year later, she got a good position at Washington, D.C. Williams drove among DC and Queens, New York. She intended to work a short-term end of the week moves at WQHT.

Way back in 1989, Williams began servicing at metropolitan contemporary WRKS. Now, the institution is named as WEPN-FM in New York City. Her job was a substitute circle racer. WRKS employed her providing a full-an ideal opportunity for its morning show.

She showed her talent, and after a year, Williams moved to an evening drive-time move. In the end, she won the Billboard Award for “Best On-Air Radio Personality” in 1993. Again in December 1994, Emmis Broadcasting bought WRKS which changed Williams to the organization’s other New York property. It was done because WRKS was reformatted into a metropolitan grown-up contemporary outlet. She was terminated from Hot 97 in 1998 due to some unsatisfactory conditions.

Again in 2008, Debmar-Mercury offered Williams a six-week TV starter of collaboration. On July 14, 2008, Williams showed up her daytime collaborated program, The Wendy Williams Show.

The show aired in four metropolitan regions in mid-2008.  This was done by introducing the class of the “backtalk show.” After a productive run, Fox denoted a game plan for the show. The plan was made with Debmar-Mercury to convey the show extensively on their stations.

The plan was done to begin the show in July 2009. Besides, BET got legal rights to convey the show around night time. In 2010, BET started flowing the show worldwide in 54 countries through BET International.

Williams was offered different tasks at the Daytime Emmy Awards. She was a remarkable figure for her outstanding hosting at talk shows. Her show attracts 2.4 million regular watchers taking everything into account. Her skills are evolving, so is her popularity.

Wendy William Net Worth:

Reports say that Wendy receives a salary of $10 million per month. In such scale, her net is estimated to be $40 million. Don’t think her only as a television host, or a writer. As mentioned above, she is a businesswoman who is making tremendous sales in fashion.

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