Anime shows have tons of various genres that provide fans with options to choose what they prefer. A couple of them like sensual and erotic. Some like funny and humor. Some of them love to watch thrillers. The list goes on.

Without a doubt, some of the anime shows are simply too good to miss out on. One great example of this is “Welcome to the Ballroom”.

Welcome to the Ballroom is a sports anime that immediately captured the attention of anime fans when it was released.

Welcome to the Ballroom season 1 gained a lot of excellent responses. Today, fans of the show are waiting to hear the news of its renewal.

Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 Renewal Status

The studio that is in charge of the show is Production IG. Unfortunately, they haven’t made any official announcement yet regarding Welcome to the Ballroom season 2.

Mangaka Tomo Takeuchi, the illustrator of the series, has not mentioned anything about the second season as well.

However, fans should keep in mind that the show has not been canceled yet. Thus, there is still a huge possibility for a second season to happen.

Typically, anime series with sports genres are quite popular. They also usually gain excellent responses from fans. That is why Welcome to the Ballroom was so popular when it was released.

As of today, the manga of the series has 10 volumes in total. On January 17, 2020, the illustrator released the last volume. However, they immediately went into hiatus.

One of the reasons why the manga has a slow publishing process is because of the author’s poor health condition.

As of today, the manga has 49 chapters. The first season of the show was based on the first several volumes.

Because of this, there is still a lot of source material to work with if the studio decides to renew the series for a second season.

Of course, the available volumes will not be enough for 24 episodes. However, it can easily accommodate at least 12 episodes.

Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2

Welcome to the Ballroom Plot

The show follows the story of Tatara Fujita, a middle school student who is extremely shy. He is also clueless and has no plans for his future.

Fortunately, Kaname Sengoku managed to save him.

Sengoku invites Fujita to his dance studio. While it appears like something he wouldn’t do, he still accepted Sengoku’s offer.

After accepting the offer, Fujita gets the chance to dance with his beautiful classmate Shizuku Hanaoka.

The idea of being appreciated and seen by everybody enabled Fujita to return regularly to the studio.

The series follows the journey of Fujita as he dances himself into the world of competitive ballroom dancing.

The new talent and skills he learned from the studio provided him the confidence to cope with his daily troubles and issues. It also helped him improve his relationship with his classmates.

Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Welcome to the Ballroom was aired on MBS in July 2017. After several years, Gunma TV, BS11, and Tokyo MX added the show.

In addition to that, Amazon Prime Video aired the anime in Japan. It is also available for global viewers to watch.

As of today, the first season of the anime series has around 24 episodes. This means that there are still a lot of source materials left to cover.

If you think about all of these factors, fans should expect the second season of the show to be released in late 2022 or early 2023.

However, you still have to keep in mind that there are no official announcements about the renewal of the show yet.

For those who don’t know, sports anime is one of the best-performing genres in Japan. A couple of the most popular sports anime include Haikyu, Yuri on Ice, and Kuroko’s Basketball.

One of these popular sports anime is Welcome to the Ballroom. It was so popular that anime fans can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video in the United States.

Of course, a broadcaster of such huge reach, such as Amazon, will not air something if they don’t see it becoming successful.

Amazon knew that there would be a huge commercial success for the series. That is why they chose to stream it on their platform.

Another factor that can lead to the second season of the series is the positive responses. The show generated a lot of positive responses from various viewers around the world.

Welcome to the Ballroom ended up with a rating of 8.20/10 on My Anime List. This should be good enough to convince the studio to create the second season of the show.

The first season of the show only covered the first several volumes. Thus, there is still a huge possibility for Welcome to the Ballroom season 2. This is particularly true with the amount of source material left for the studio to use.

Will Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 Happen?

Whether or not the show will return greatly varies on a couple of factors. We all know that the first season received both great reviews from viewers and positive feedback from critics.

In addition to that, the creators have enough source material to create at least 12 episodes for Welcome to the Ballroom season 2. Thus, there is a huge possibility for season 2 to happen.

The only thing that fans should worry about is if the studio will renew the show. If the studio does decide to renew the show, fans should expect an announcement this year.

Since most anime series take at least 1 year to make, fans should expect Welcome to the Ballroom season 2 to be released in early 2023.

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