Gone is the era when there were only a few career options available for budding talents. Now, the world is yours, and you can choose whichever field that interests you. So, if you feel that the musician inside you is bubbling to come out, then take your hobby a notch up and make a career in the music industry.

There is a list of career options in music that you can follow. The music industry is an ocean of opportunities that require more than just instruments and performers.

The music industry has evolved in such a way that it gives equal opportunities to a variety of talent with a musical bent. Anyone who follows the heart achieves great success. If you wish to know more about it, read these inspiring quotes.

So, here are the top 5 career options for music lovers:

Music journalist

Writing about music is an exciting prospect that can not only satisfy the musician inside you but will also encourage the budding writer within. It is one of the best ways of being connected with the music industry and getting a lot of respect and importance from musicians.

Be it writing for national and acclaimed magazines like Rolling Stones or Billboard, or working for more local newspapers or magazines, being a music journalist would mean you can interview artistes, cover musical concerts, review albums, and a lot more. It is music journalists who have brought some of the biggest artists into the public domain through their work.

Music agent

Music agents have become one of the most integral jobs in the music industry in the last decade. The role of a music agent is becoming more and more significant in talent management.

Music agents manage artists, their concerts, performances, recordings, endorsements, public appearances, media interactions, social media handling, etc.

Music agents or reps are the whole and sole of the artists they represent, and every kind of artist interaction goes through these people. It is an exciting job that provides ample opportunities to be connected with everything musical.

Sound engineers and recording artistes

These two are a few of the highest paying music industry careers. Sound engineers and recording artistes are responsible for curating and creating the signature sound for an artiste or a song/album. They are technically strong and have an ear for identifying what sound should work for a particular project.

They are responsible for creating how a concert, album, song, or an artiste will sound when doing a recording or performing live. This career option in the music industry is slightly technical, but if you have your heart in it, then there is no limit to the kind of success you can achieve.

Music directors or conductors

Music conductor is a highly significant and respected position in the music industry. They are responsible for leading an orchestra or a choir. They are the ones who select the performers, curate performances, lead the rehearsals, and conduct the final performances.

Music directors, on the other hand, are known to lead school bands, church choirs, young orchestra artistes, and sometimes even performance companies. There are music directors who even work for television and radio shows.

Music therapist

It is widely known that music positively impacts our brains and helps us relax. This very aspect of music is applied for treating many illnesses across the world, and there are designated, practicing music therapists that work with hospitals, rehab centers, mental health care agencies, day care or follow their own practice for treating patients.

An extremely coveted job, music therapists are in high demand in the current scenario as there aren’t too many qualified professionals in this field. There are programs that teach how to implement the power of music to teach mental, emotional, and physical pain of patients.

The music industry is evolving at a rapid pace presenting some excellent career opportunities for budding artistes. And these new career paths have given some memorable milestones to the world.

If it was not for music journalists, nobody would have got to read some memorable quotes of Michael Jackson, one of the most reticent artistes, who rarely ever appeared in front of the media. Without the great sound engineers, the world wouldn’t have got the sound of Pink Floyd.

If it was not for music conductors, the magical orchestras and choirs wouldn’t be the same. And who can underestimate the power of music therapists, who are constantly easing the pain of several sufferers? These are just a few careers in the music industry, the field open for a lot of experimentation.

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