Math anxiety is real. Some students just might not love it and other students may find the subject uninteresting and difficult. But we cannot ignore the importance that mathematics holds in our lives and in our careers. Maths is part of a lot of many courses and that is why learning maths is essential

Also, the subject can be quite interesting if we understand the concepts of it well. By practising the subject we can also ace solving even the most difficult topics and questions of the subject well.

So the next big challenge is to know how you can make Maths interesting. Making the subject fun to study will help the students comprehend maths better which will help them not feel frightened by it. At the same time make sure that however you plan to make the subject interesting it should not end up making it too distracting. A proper and logical way should be employed in making the topic interesting and fun to study.

Here are a few tips that can help make learning Maths fun and easy. Read them down below:

Picture book 

Since the idea is to make the subject interesting and desirable to study, you can pick up a picture book. The illustrations present in the book helps to engage the students in studying.

With focussed attention, students can be taught topics and concepts easily. Especially for maths, it is also important to make sure concepts are also explained well. So, make sure both the things are in balance the explanation as well as the fun elements needed to ace the exam


You should not at all forget the NCERT Books Class 2 Maths. NCERT has the simplest explanation even for the most complex topics. It can prove really helpful if you want to set a strong base for Maths.

The theoretical part of the book, as well as the practical part of the book both, are adequate, credible and sufficient to read and learn from it. It is important in Maths to start from the basics and then move to the more complicated part and NCERT books are exactly made for that. NCERT is curated only after well researching, so make sure you follow the pattern and difficulty level according to the NCERT book only

Include real 3D objects while studying

Including 3D objects can help to make concepts more relatable. The text and reading part in the studies often get quite monotonous and boring. To avoid boredom in studies, try to incorporate objects wherever possible.

For topics such as clock, time, mensuration and geometry, 3D objects can be included. Understanding and comprehending these topics than can become too easy with objects and thus it can prove beneficial even for higher classes. 

Try to start with smaller calculations 

Smaller and easier calculation has one of the biggest advantages and that is it helps to boost up confidence which is what is needed to grasp the subject well. The more a person feels the subject is doable the more the person will be drawn towards it for learning it.

Moving towards more difficult questions as compared to the previous ones can become much easier to crack. So it is always better to only start studying with the easier questions first. 

Incorporate rewards at every milestone

Encouragement and motivation are important aspects of effective learning. Rewards are the best ways to keep the interest maintained in the subject. Understanding the topics and then solving the difficult Maths questions are the things to be appreciated.

Linking useful rewards with every milestone you have achieved will only make studying and learning maths a lot more fun. So next time you feel like making the subject more interesting try to incorporate rewards at every milestone

Try to clear doubts with examples

Since Maths anxiety is so real it is obvious that some doubts will always pop up even when you make the subject interesting. It is important to clear doubts and confusion by using suitable examples.

Many real-life examples can also be used correlating with Maths; this way, it will be easier to understand the concepts better. The real-life examples are so relatable and understanding through such examples will also not be time-consuming or hectic to comprehend. 

Learn by doing

Learning by doing is another effective method to learn maths. This method involves practising questions everyday. Practice definitely makes a man perfect, and that is why diving into the subject is essential.

Practising exercises given at the back of chapters are also essential in learning by doing. Watching solutions step by step and then practising each step also can prove to be highly beneficial. So, next time you want to learn maths in an easy and fun way just start doing it by yourself.

Peer teaching 

Peer pressure and influence indeed has great power over the minds of students. This is why this technique can help the 2nd grader to score well in maths. Peer teaching is a method where one or more students teach other students a particular topic or subtopics.

Students generally take quite a lot of interest when their friends are teaching something and this is exactly what makes Maths interesting. Also, the students teaching the concepts and topics also first prepare themselves to teach which help them to understand the topic well.


Making maths interesting and fun can be a bit tricky. This is why it is important to make sure that you only try out the beneficial ways, less time consuming and not too distracting. The above-mentioned tips are sure to make the topics more understandable and doable making sure that all the important concepts are well understood by the students.

This will not only prove beneficial for 2nd-grade exams but also for higher standards as the basic concept remains the same. So, do give these tips a try and surely you will be able to see some distinguished results in a short time  

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