Did you know that sound for humans is about 12 Hz and 20,000 Hz? These limits aren’t definite though. If the sound frequency increases past 22,000 Hz where you are, then it’s known as ultrasound.

For sound lovers, you might be curious about how to enjoy your car’s music to the fullest. In order to do this, you’ll need high-quality speakers.

But what speakers are a must instead of a bust? Read this guide on the type of speakers that are best for your car today.

Component Speakers

Invest in 6.5 car speakers for your vehicle in order to enjoy top-quality sound. Component speakers are made in order to give you the best possible sound for your vehicle. Many of them include external crossovers, separate woofers, and tweeters.

The external crossover network uses high-quality components in order to have a difference between the frequencies sent to the tweeter and woofer. The tweeter is also separate from the woofer in order to have it mounted higher in your car.

Full-Range Speakers

As you’re comparing the different types of speakers, full-range speakers combine all of the different elements of a speaker in one device. You’ll have a tweeter, woofer, and some models will come with a super tweeter or midrange.

In order to replace factory speakers easily, you’ll want to choose full-range speakers. You’ll only need to remove the old speaker in order to connect to the new option.


The best type of car speaker for you might be a midrange option. You’ll have the frequencies in the middle of the audio spectrum. Tweeters and midbass can’t replicate this sound with as much precision.


In order to have the lowest frequency of sounds, the subwoofer should be your choice. It’s great for adding depth to the different music that you listen to. They’ll often require a power amplifier and an enclosure.


A tweeter offers you the highest sound frequency including high hats. You can enjoy more clarity for instruments and voices. They’re also the smallest speakers that are in your car audio system.


Midbass speakers range in 6.5-8 inches. You can enjoy both full range and component speakers with this option. Midbass offers you mid-to-low-bass frequencies including low octave vocals and bass drums.

2 Way vs 4 Way Speakers

4-way and 3-way speakers tend to provide you a better sound experience overall since there are dedicated drivers. The material and size of each will have an impact on sound quality. You can find 2-way speakers that’ll offer you a better experience than lower-quality 3-way speakers.

The Different Type of Speakers and Which Is Best

After exploring this guide on the different type of speakers for your car, you should have a better idea of what the best option for you is. Take your time looking through the different pros and cons to decide on the right choice.

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