Actor Tina Marie Sharp is well-known for her roles in Angry Grandpa: The Movie (2014), Angry Grandpa: The Movie (2012), and Angry Grandpa: The Elvis Experience (2013). Her early years are unknown, but to know more about her, continue reading.

Personal Information of Tina Marie Sharp Green

Name: Tina Marie Sharp Green
Age: 58
Date of birth: January 4, 1964
Place of birth:  South Carolina, United States
Occupation: Actor
Parents: Robert E. Sharp, Betty J. Sharp
Grandparents: Henry Sharp, Ella Mae Sharp
Uncles: Unknown

The Early Life of Tina Marie Sharp Green

Tina Maria Sharp was born on January 4, 1964, in South Carolina, United States, to Robert E. Sharp and Betty J. Sharp. She has two sisters named Deborah and Sharon and a brother named Robert Sharp Jr. Tina Green is the mother to Charlie, Jennifer, Kim, and Michael and is Angry Grandpa’s second ex-wife.

She frequently appeared on the Kid Behind a Camera and Angry Grandpa channels. In the trailer at Trailwood, Tina’s father passed away. Tina, Angry Grandpa, Jenny, and Mike lived in the trailer shortly after her father passed away until 2012, when Boeing acquired Trailwood.

Education Background

Tina Marie went to the University of Tennessee and pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Religious studies from 1933-1999. She’s known to have furthered her studies at Long Beach City College in 2002 and College of the desert in 2009.


Tina and Angry Grandpa both used to hold down multiple jobs to help support their families. In the camper at Trailwood, Tina’s father passed away in 2003. The trailer was occupied by Tina, Angry Grandpa, Jenny, and Mike soon after her father passed away and remained their home until 2012, when Boeing acquired Trailwood. Tina has made numerous appearances in Michael’s vlogs on his channel Kid Behind A Camera since the passing of Angry Grandpa, frequently hanging out with Michael and the rest of her family.

Marriage of Tina Marie Sharp Green

In 1982, Tina Marie Sharp Green wed Charles Green Jr., a.k.a. Angry Grandpa. She gave birth to Charlie later that year. Later on, she gave birth to Jennifer in 1983, Kimberly in 1985, and Michael in 1987. At this time, Tina and Angry Grandpa were working multiple jobs to maintain their family as they were experiencing financial difficulties.

Tina went to Syracuse, New York, to be nearer to Kim and her family after divorcing Angry Grandpa. She would frequently travel to South Carolina to see her relatives there. When Angry Grandpa became ill, Tina moved back to South Carolina, and when he died, Tina went to see him and comforted him. Tina went to Angry Grandpa’s funeral with most of her relatives shortly after he passed away.

Who is Tina Marie Sharp Green’s mother?

Betty Joyce Sharp was Tina’s mother and the maternal grandmother of Michael, Kim, Jennifer, and Charlie. After having to be put to sleep so that surgery could be performed due to her acute stroke, she developed a respiratory disease and died on February 22, 2002.

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