Complete remodelling or redesigning of your home can seem to be quite daunting. With the working being of such a large scale nature, it is natural for you to feel intimidated. The entire process can appear to be quite complicated and intricate.

However, do not fret because, with this short guide, you can accomplish your goal of redesigning your home into your dream home! So without further ado, let us start!

  • Get Clarity

Redesigning the entire home is not as easy as replacing the bed in your bedroom. It takes immense amounts of time, patience, money, supervision, and energy. Decide whether you are sure you can devote time to be involved in the entire process right from the start to the end.

Remember that there is no going back once you initiate this project. You will also need to consider whether it really is worth investing money in remodeling your home or not. If you decide this is really what you want, start envisioning your dream home because this will guide you throughout the process.

The best part about redesigning your home is that your final output will just be how you want it to be. Determine whether you want your entire house to be based around one theme or whether you want individual rooms to represent different themes.

Irrespective of whether you consult a professional or not, getting these things straightened out will simplify your process.

  • Budget And Funding

No project can begin without estimating the budget. This goes without saying that the entire redesign will be heavy on your pockets, but the returns on your investments in terms of the monetary value of the house and the satisfaction you get are priceless.

Decide the amount of money you are willing to shell out on this project before you start making extensive blueprints and purchasing the necessary tools and materials. You can also look at https://www.maxavegroup.com/ to learn more about the hardware materials pricing and their quality!

After deciding on your budget, you can determine how to arrange your money. Consider whether you would prefer to go for a loan or whether you will be using money from your savings. Once you know your budget and source, you are free to make elaborate plans that do not exceed your budget! 

  • The Relationship between Painting and Lighting

When you repaint your walls, your home’s lighting will be influenced by the color palette you pick. The interplay between painting and lighting plays a crucial role in determining the aesthetics of your redesigned home. 

If you have the option of redesigning your home to increase ventilation of natural lighting, go for it! Additionally, you will need to modify the entire lighting system of your home to suit the new paints and decor. You can check out this website and explore the various lighting options. From strip lights to LED bulbs, it has got everything covered.

With options to dim the lighting intensity and energy-efficient qualities, this lighting will accentuate the new paints and reduce your electricity bill!

Relationship between Painting and Lighting

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  • Restructuring And Replacing Furniture

With changes in floor plan and the outlook of your home, some furniture might look out of place. This is why you should plan which furniture pieces you will be replacing.

Sometimes, rearranging them can do the job too! However, if the furniture is too old, it is best to get them replaced so that your newly redesigned home can dazzle and shine in glory. You can browse through the catalogue offered by www.keekea.com/  and choose the furniture that would compliment your redesign plan! Lastly, do not forget to take measurements before you buy any new furniture! 

  • Storage Capacity

If you are redesigning your home, you should also consider improving and increasing the storage capacity of your home. This will help you ensure that your home remains decluttered and spacious. 

If you are reluctant to spend much on increasing storage space, consider the DIY cabinet options or go with thrift stores. These options will be light on your pocket while significantly solving your storage spaces.

You will no longer have to rummage through myriads of things to find that one thing you were looking for!

  • DIY or Professionals?

You have two options. Either take the help of professionals to get the work done or do it yourself. While taking this decision, consider timeline and budget as your primary determining factors. 

Since it is a full-scale redesign, it is impossible to do everything on your own. Most people prefer to take the help of professionals because of their adeptness at their work. Besides, you can get additional ideas to accentuate the aesthetics of your home! 

Final Words

Redesigning your home is a big project that requires much thinking and planning. Ensure that you have a complete plan and blueprints of the changes you will be implementing to make the process seamless! 

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