Who doesn’t like to have access to a swimming pool in the comfort of their home? Swimming pools are always considered a luxury, especially if built within a home. These days, they have become quite common. You will find it in every one or the other house.

However, people are interested in Gunite pool construction nowadays for several reasons. One of the most important factors is the durability of Gunite. You can construct this pool in almost any shape or size that suits the landscape and size of your home.

However, now the question is how to construct this Gunite pool? Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the essential construction process. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand how the Gunite pool is constructed.


Excavation is a digging process. First, with the help of a digging machine, a hole is dug in the ground. It is then leveled with the help of shovels. This is done keeping in mind the desirable depth. Many people go for a slope, while some prefer a straight pool floor. The slope allows deep water at one end and shallow at the other.


A Gunite pool is usually made up of concrete. During construction, frames are built to give the pool its basic structure. Then, the concrete is poured into frames. Once the framing is done, Gunite is sprayed into the layers with the help of air compressed gun.

Systems and Connections

The space left outside the frames would be utilized for plumbing and filtration purpose. The pipes and wires would be laid within this space.


The next is the testing phase; this is done to ensure that the systems are working correctly and safely. The walls are tested for leakage and their ability to hold the water.

Usually, it is monitored after every 4-5 hours to see if the water level is still the same or there is a leak. The inflow, outflow, and filtration systems are also treated to make sure that everything is in order before the next phase


Once the testing is done, and everything is working fine, the pool is filled and tested again. This is done to ensure that all the systems are working as they were supposed to.


Next comes the customization phase. You can customize your Gunite pool in any way you want. For example, all the exterior elements could be designed according to your budget. You can even add some other not-so-standard features such as rockery, waterfall, lights, and so on. Some pools have hot and cold water options as well. Although this could be an expensive addition, it takes your Gunite pool to the next level. Hot water comes with a recurring cost, which should be considered.

The construction of the Gunite pool requires almost 2 months. However, this period and all your efforts for the construction won’t go in vain. Imagine how wonderful and relaxing it would be to spend time in cool and refreshed water during summers within your own space.

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