As the jewelry industry is expected to reach $518 billion by 2023, it’s safe to assume nearly everyone has at least one piece of jewelry. From simple bracelets to diamond rings, these accessories help show off our style and tie outfits together.

One of the most popular options for jewelry is earrings! With so many choices available, there is the perfect pair for everyone. However, you can take your ear piercing one step further by beginning the process of stretching.

This process involves stretching your earlobe to accommodate different ear gauges. While it’s not for everyone, those with stretched ears love the edgy look.

Whether you’re looking into one of the most unique types of piercings or you’re on the search for helpful tips, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about caring for ear gauges.

Go to a Reputable Parlor

Before you stretch your ears, you’ll need to do a bit of research. This involves finding a local and established piercing parlor.

Though there are online guides to show you how to stretch your ears at home, this is not recommended. A DIY process can result in tearing and infections, as you don’t have the same tools, supplies, and knowledge as an expert.

Instead, finding a parlor in your area with experienced piercers is ideal. Though stretching is one of the less common piercing options, the employees can help you find the perfect gauge earrings for your desired size and provide information on when and how to size up.

Also, ensuring you go to a professional piercer helps you make a connection. This allows you to contact them with questions, as they will be happy to assist.

Establish a Routine and Schedule

Once you’ve started stretching your ears, ensuring that you take all precautions necessary to get the best results is crucial.

There are a few steps you’ll need to take to clean and care for your piercings. Failure to do so can result in painful infections that spread to the rest of your body.

In many instances, you’ll need to clean your jewelry and piercing twice daily. Incorporating these rituals into your daily routine can help keep your piercing fresh, clean, and free from infections.

Your piercer will let you know how long you need to wash your ear each time you stretch it. However, after the ear has healed, daily cleaning is still recommended to keep clean.

Massage Your Lobes

Just as you would oil and moisturize your skin after a shower, you’ll want to massage your ears regularly.

This helps prevent tearing while sizing up your ear gauge. You’ll want to apply two drops, as too much can make it difficult to properly massage your earlobes.

Natural oil is ideal as it will be more sensitive for your skin. You can use whatever your preference is, from jojoba to coconut oil.

Oiling your ears is essential if you experience a buildup of scar tissue from tearing. When you stretch your ears too fast, it can cause scar tissue to form, making it hard to continue increasing the size. Oiling and massaging your ears daily for two minutes at a time can help break up tissue.

Clean Your Jewelry

Another guaranteed way to keep your ears infection-free is to clean your jewelry regularly. You’ll need to clean the sizers twice a day until your ear has fully healed.

How you wash your jewelry depends on the material it’s made of. Using the wrong method can cause damage to your jewelry and subsequently, your ear.

If your jewelry is glass, use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean them. However, if you have acrylic plugs, you should avoid using water that’s too hot as this can warp your jewelry, making it painful to wear.

However, if your sizers are metal, you can use antibacterial soap and water. However, you’ll want to use a soft cloth to dry the jewelry, as using something too harsh can create scratches. These scratches can harbor bacteria and germs.

Wooden and bone jewelry require distinct care. Unlike other options, you can’t clean them with water or soap, as it can ruin the plug. Instead, clean both with a damp cloth and apply oils once they have fully dried.

Avoid Sizing up Too Fast

One of the most crucial rules when caring for stretched ears is to embrace patience. If you switch your sizers out too quickly, it can do immense damage.

As previously mentioned, when you push your ears to par, you risk tissue damage. As you stretch your ears, the tissue needs time to adjust to the new gauge sizes. If you don’t give your ears the necessary healing period, it can lead to tough scar tissue.

Not only is this unsightly and painful, but it also stops your journey. Because the scar tissue is tough and has no give, you won’t be able to increase the size.

In general, you should wait a minimum of eight weeks before upping the size. Some experts recommend waiting up to six months between increasing the gauge. If you try to size up and experience pain instead of pressure, you’re likely tearing tissue, and you should return to the previous size.

Taking Care of Ear Gauges Like a Pro

When it comes to increasing ear gauges, you’ll need to keep these tips in mind to ensure you have a smooth and painless process.

If you’re ready to embark on your ear-stretching journey thanks to this helpful gauge care guide, you’ll want to visit the rest of our website. You can find more fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips to help you look your best.

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