Every viewer has a different taste in every genre of the movie, be it action, comedy, period drama, or spy. And if you love all genres, and is seeking to watch a movie that has all these elements, then The King’s Man is the ultimate and the best movie for you. This movie is clubbed with a combo of periodic, action, spy as well as comedy flavors. The story of The King’s Man has been crafted well by Matthew Vaughn and Karl Gajdusek. This film belongs to the third sequel of the Kingsman series that came before. Now, besides movies, if you still have a love for reading comics, then it is good. Why I am saying this is because this movie is also an adaptation of a comic book sharing the same name. The movie comprises actors including Tom Hollander, Ralph Fiennes, and many more. If you have loved the prequels of this movie, then it is indeed to expect the curiosity of its latest sequel, The King’s Man, which might hit the screens by next year in February.

Movie Details 

Movie: The King’s Man 3
Genre: Period, action, spy & drama
Story by: Matthew Vaughn
Directed by: Matthew Vaughn
Produced by: Matthew Vaughn, Adam Bohling & David Reid
Main Cast: Gemma Arterton, Ralph Fiennes, Matthew Goode & more
Original language: English
Country: United States
Distributed by: 20th Century Studious

The King's Man Season 3 Release Date

Brief Story Plot

The King’s Man story revolves around the hero and his forces who are destined to face against the forces with criminal minds and intercepting their purpose to kill millions. No doubt, you must have enjoyed watching several war movies and the storylines that laid the foundation of the characters. But The King’s Man has a different and unique storyline that will engage you and keep you gripped by the scenes in the movie. It is a must-watch for all those who love action, comedy, spy, and drama altogether. 


Characters or say actors who play them are the underlying factors to keep the viewers engaged and entertained with dialogues, fight sequences, and lots more. Actors like Gemma Arterton who is playing the role of Polly and other actors in the main lead including Rhys Ifans and Ralph Fiennes essaying the role of Grigori Rasputin and Duke of Oxford and many other playing varied characters will impress you with their acting prowess and action scenes. 

Kingsman Prequel

Two years back in June, there came an announcement of Kingsman: The Great Game, a prequel from the Kingsman movie series from the director, producer, and man behind the script of the Kingsman, Matthew Vaughn. He came up with the story plot of the movie that would take place in an ancient period and would show how a spy agency came into being. The project would then follow the series of sequels including The King’s Man 3 which might hit the screens in the next year (2021) possibly.

Shooting Of The King’s Man 3

The shooting of the third sequel of the Kingsman movie series was started in the United Kingdom last year (2019) in January. Then in the coming months, the team behind the making of the Kingsman movie referred to the shooting of the scenes in Italy and Yugoslavia also. The beginning of more photography was possibly decided in the present year (2020), including one of the prominent actresses of the movie, Gemma Arterton. The project was left midway by the movie cinematographer due to repeated shooting. It all happened because he was committed to an American superhero movie. 

Trailer Of Kingsman Prequels

The King’s Man gained much popularity among its viewers through pre-released trailers that came last year in July, and another follow up trailer in September. The third trailer also came out in 2020 in June, depicting fabulous eye-watcher action. When the trailer itself can create so much excitement among its viewers, just imagine what impact it will make when it will hit the screens by the next year. 

Release Of The King’s Man 3

Although there were many expectations about the movie The King’s Man 3 to be released in 2019, it did not happen. It was then expected that the movie would hit the screens in 2020 possibly by September in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom. But unfortunately, once again what was expected again did not prove true. 

According to Matthew, the director, producer, and script person of the movie cleared the fact that the release of The King’s Man 3 will not be possible in the present year. Well, it did seem sad for all those inquisitive eyes who were expecting the release of the movie in 2019, and then in 2020, now might have to keep their fingers crossed for the upcoming release of the movie by the next year. The possible reason behind the disruption of the movie release is none other than the global pandemic, COVID-19. 

Ever since the pandemic made its beginning from Wuhan city, China, it has disrupted everything including the schedule of the timely release of the movie. There has been no near end to be seen of this virus. There have been reports of the vaccine to come as a solution for coronavirus, but there are no such assurances till now. The graph of people affected and dying from the disease is still on the rise. So naturally, amid the fear of corona cases, it is natural to understand the derailment of movie releases like The King’s Man 3. 

Watch The Prequels

There is no other alternative other than keeping your fingers crossed for the expected release of The King’s Man 3. It seems disappointing but there is no solution to it. By the time you can enjoy watching its prequels to know the concept of the movie. It is especially for those who have missed the movie or any of the prequels. So by the time the new sequel hits the screen by 2021, you can entertain yourself watching the mind-blowing action dialogues, dramatic and war action scenes and so much.

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