Greenleaf is a wonderful TV series in the drama genre that made its debut telecast four years back in November. The team behind the production of the show is a popular celebrity whom we all know. You must have watched The Oprah Winfrey Show, the well-known American talk show, hosted by Oprah Winfrey herself. Another person who is behind the writing of the TV show Greenleaf is Craig Wright. Other people are behind the making of the show.

The premier of the 4th season of the said TV drama series was resumed on the network on the name of Oprah Winfrey, also called OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), last year. In the same year (2019), there came an announcement of the following seasons of Greenleaf by OWN in 2020 in June. Viewers who loved the show are curious to know the update of Greenleaf season 6. So let us know whether it is expected to hit the TV screens in the current year or we have to wait for next year. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Greenleaf
Genre: Drama – Mystery
Created by: Craig Wright
Executive producers: Clement Virgo, Craig Wright & Oprah Winfrey
Place Of Origin: United States
Main Cast: Keith David, Merle Dangdridge, Lynn Whitfield and more
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 5
Number of episodes: 60

Greenleaf season 6 release date

Story Plot

Every Television series is based upon a solid storyline. The plot of the Greenleaf TV series also revolves around the family (known by the name of Greenleaf) and their immoral zone. Now you are smart enough to get the hint right that this family is not at all idealistic and having shady characteristics. Keith David and Lynn Whitfield are the actors who essay the role of being the two main members of the Greenleaf family.

They have a daughter, called Grace played by Merle Dandridge. She comes back to her house after a very long period after her sister’s untimely death that lays down a mystery. Even though love and care do exist among this family, still, they face off each other, at a time when dark secrets, conflict among the siblings, falsehood, infidelity takes a toll on them. Some people run their family through their dear Church but engage in compressing each other. 

More About The TV Series

Five years back, there came an announcement of a new TV drama series, called Greenleaf by Oprah Winfrey Network. Along with the latter TV series, there was also an announcement of Queen Sugar, another TV series. Greenleaf was produced by Lionsgate Television along with Craig and Oprah Winfrey. The TV series was aired with thirteen episodes in its previous season. Later on, Clement Virgo also contributed to the direction and production of the series.

The first season of Greenleaf started five years ago in October and finished in the next year in March. In the following year, there was an announcement regarding the series premier to be screened for two-night. Before Greenleaf made its debut as an American TV drama series, it was premiered worldwide on a special event organized by Tribecca Enterprises. Its foundation has been laid by Hollywood stalwart, Robert De Niro, and others. In the current year (2020) Craig declared about penning down a TV drama series that would revolve around the story of a church pastor. 

Actors In Greenleaf

The successful running of the TV series depends a lot upon actors’ talent due to their flawless enacting the role given to them. When it came to the casting of the Greenleaf TV series, Lynn Whitfield was assigned a prominent cast for the role of a ruling matriarch who craved power and money. She is an Emmy award recipient.

Another actor that was rolled in to play the alienated daughter of the family was Merle Dandridge who came after a long period along with her daughter. And then Keith David became the choice of the male casting of the series. He was given the role of Bishop Greenleaf, the major head of the Greenleaf family after her wife. After that more castings were finalized for the roles they were supposed to play in the American drama series. 

Running Of The Seasons

After watching the first season, four years ago, there came the announcement of a follow-up series in the next year (2017). And soon Greenleaf season hit the TV screens with the latest episodes premiered on two nights. Getting much liking from the viewers, soon Greenleaf season 3 was resumed in the following next year (2018) from August to November.

The third season was then succeeded by the fourth season. Oprah Winfrey Network then decided to launch the next two follow-up seasons (4th and 5th) during 2020 through premieres in June. The length of the Greenleaf new season was premiered for one-hour. After that, there came a new finale premiere special in the same year. 

Greenleaf Season 6

Greenleaf season 6 is supposed to be the follow-up of the Greenleaf previous seasons and an ultimate end of this mysterious American drama that has been engaging the viewers with twists and turns of the character roles. Now, being based on family drama, this new season will be emphasizing the dramatic turns taking in the Greenleaf family. The latest series will showcase how this family tries to portray itself to be idealistic and fair enough. But they do this to cover up their dark side full of lies and top secrets.  

Release Of Greenleaf Season 6

Greenleaf became a tremendously successful American TV series that entertained its viewers for all these years. But after five seasons, the Oprah Network stopped the continuation for the latest season 6, even though it proved a big success. It was like a setback for the viewers who have been watching Greenleaf’s previous series with great interest. Now, this has raised questions on whether there will be any possibility of the latest Greenleaf season (6) or not?

Was Season 5 The Ultimate End Of The Greenleaf Series?

Now since there has been no official announcement from the OWN regarding the release of the Greenleaf season 6, it can be understood that season 5 of this American mysterious family drama could be its final closure. So all you can do is to enjoy the trailer of the Greenleaf fifth season. And if you have missed out on any season or episode of any of the Greenleaf season, then you can watch it.

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