The leggings for women are a compression garment that provides many benefits to the ladies who decide to perform physical activities, among which we can mention the improvement of up to 40 percent of blood circulation during exercise, and up to 30 percent after exercise.

Another one benefit that this type of garment provides to the ladies is the reduction of fatigue when exercising to minimize the effect caused by the constant vibrations of the muscles to perform physical activity.

It substantially reduces the risk of probable injuries and also makes the ladies acquire better posture in the execution of the exercises. Moreover, it can create a slimmer body look by lifting the buttocks of the woman who wears them.

How to keep compression leggings for women in shape

Due to the importance of this piece of clothing, it is of utmost importance to take extreme care of this garment, to seek that it retains its characteristics and efficiency. Let’s see how to keep compression leggings for women in shape.

The fabrics with which these leggings are manufactured are very delicate and at the same time technical so great care and caution is required when washing this type of garment. Always trying not to spoil it because if it loses its properties, it will not provide the benefit for which it was acquired.

Generally, clothing manufacturers provide some kind of information about the care that should be taken when washing garments. This an option to take into account when thinking about how to keep compression leggings for women in shape.

To keep your leggings functional, never submit them to ironing because the heat of the iron quickly deteriorates the elastic fabrics of the fabric with which they are manufactured. In the same way, you should never put them in the dryer, as the heat generated by the dryer produces the same damage that produces the iron.

The most effective way on how to keep compression leggings for women in shape is the option of washing them by hand using special detergents like the so-called neutral soaps. For this type of fabric, it is not advisable to scrub them with a brush because scrubbing damages the fabric.

It should be washed separately from the other clothes using cold water. At  the end of the wash, it should not be squeezed or rolled. After washing, it should not be spread out to be dried in direct sunlight. If the fabric is overheated, the fabric fiber loses its properties so you should look for a shady area where it can be spread out to dry.

Another important tip for the care that a lady should take to heep her leggings in shape is to choose the surfaces where she performs the exercise sections. She should avoid lying on concrete surfaces, for example to do sit-ups. If she needs to do it, it is recommended to place a rubber or fabric material to protect her clothes and her skin.

her clothes and her skin

The durability of the garment will depend on the care that the lady takes in washing, drying and storing the leggings, and the efficiency in the benefits that the garment provides to the lady who exercises with it.

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