Spinning Out Season 2 is an American ice-skating drama series. The first season of the series was released on January 1, 2020. The story revolves around Kat Baker and Justin—a young ice skater and her bad-boy partner. Season 1 of the Spinning Out series left fans with a question: Did Kat and Justin make it to the nationals? For an answer, the fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 of the web series. Do you also want to know if there is a continuation in season 2 of its series?

Spinning Out Season 2

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Spinning Out Season 2: Release Date

There is a confirmation by Netflix over season 2 of Spinning Out. Still, there is no release date announced yet for the same. The streaming platform of Spinning Out makes the renewal decision over statistics and figures. It evaluates the production cost with the viewership data that is not appropriate for the series now. But the fans of this series have made innumerable requests that created a tie-on social media in favor of its continuation. It is reported that season 2 can be released in early or mid-2021. We can only wait for an official announcement.

Spinning Out Season 2: Cast

For Spinning Out Season 2, the original cast of the series will probably be retained.

  • Kaya Scodelario playing Kat Baker
  • Willow Shields playing Serena Baker
  • Evan Roderick playing Justin Davis
  • David James Elliott playing James Davis
  • Sarah Wright Olsen playing Mandy Davis
  • Svetlana Efremova as Dasha Ferorava
  • Amanda Zhou playing Jenn Yu
  • Mitchell Edwards playing Marcus Holmes
  • Kaitlyn Leeb playing Leah Starnes
  • Will Kemp playing Mitch Saunders
  • January Jones playing Carol Baker

The series is produced by Stratton, and Lara Olsen is its executive producer. Tory Tunnell, Joby Harold, and Matt Schwartz of Safehouse Pictures are the co-runners.


The plot revolves around Kat baker, a young ice skater who encounters a serious injury. But she is given a new opportunity as a pair skater with a talented bad-boy partner. She hides the secret of her family’s history of mental illness that can be dreadful for her life. Even Kat suffers from Bipolar disorder.

Season 1 beautifully describes the story of Kat not giving up her dream. Kat and her partner Justin face several odds like physical injury, mental stress, lack of finances, and a dream for the Olympics. The series follows Kat’s and Justin’s families as well. There is also an approach to assault where Kat suspects that Mitch, Serena’s coach, is trying to get close to her. Spinning Out is a fictional story that has no real-life connection.

Plot for Spinning Out Season 2

Dr. Parker is revealed as a predator. Carol (mother of Serena and Kat, former skater) took the matter in her hand and injured him with a bat. If season 2 would come up, carol might face imprisonment for what she did. Season 2 can also show the performance of Kat and Justin that was not shown in the previous season. More episodes over sexual assault and mental health can also be seen in the upcoming season.


The low viewership record of the series made the producers cancel the idea of a second season. But after the decision for cancellation went public, there were rage and demand for season 2 on Twitter by the fans of the series. Even an online petition was signed for it with over 30,000 signatures. Looking at the demand, the makers have decided to give the show a chance.


There has been no official trailer released by the officials for Spinning Out Season 2. The fans will have to wait until any further developments.


According to rumors, the filming of Spinning Out Season 2 has already started; however, its production was halted due to the pandemic. There is still no official confirmation.


In October 2018, it was announced that Netflix is presenting a new web series of 10 episodes. The series was created by Samantha Stratton, who was also expected to co-run the show alongside Lara Oslen. Earlier, a second season was canceled, and it has been renewed later. The Production team is expected to be the same as the previous season.

Skating scenes

Many Canadian skaters were brought in to pose as a body double for the skating scenes like Michael long, Elizabeth Putnam, Dylan Moscovitch, etc. They performed the majority of the skating scenes in the series.

Reception to Spinning Out

The series was given 63% that is 6.3/10 on the rating platform, Rotten Tomatoes. It was met with average reviews from the majority of the critics. It has a proper fictional storyline with a dark reality in the background. The story follows Kat baker in her pursuit to fight all the odds and fulfill her dreams. The story is woven in the background of sexual assault and mental health. So, it’s an intricate balance between the two realities.


After the release of Spinning Out Season 1, Netflix canceled the second season of the series. The fans were left shocked because the story was left holding with some parts. Many parts were left unanswered so that it could be used to make connections with the second season. The viewers slammed Netflix for their decision to discontinue the show. Many people commented that they should have completed the story in the first season itself or renew it for a second season. The social media hashtags like #savespinningout #renewspinningout went viral. As we mentioned earlier, even an online petition was signed.

Wait for the Official Announcement

Spinning Out has brought up something different for the audience. It’s a mix of drama, romance, and ambition. Despite the lukewarm response from the critics, the fans were overwhelmed by the series. It managed to grab the love from the audience. The reason for the renewal of season 2 was the impassive demand by the fans. There are no major official announcements about the second part, but the fans are waiting excitedly for the Spinning Out Season 2. We will update you about any major confirmations or developments over it.

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