Shannon Cleye is popular for being the mother of the youngest billionaire in the world, Austin Russell. However, she is not popular just being his mother but she herself is something big.

So, today let’s talk about Shannon Cleye in detail covering her early life, education, family work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Shannon Cleye is an American celebrity, who has worked as a model and an actress. She could not gain much popularity though. This is the reason that there is no information available about the birth details of Shannon Cleye. Not even her parents’ names are known. If you talk about the love life of Shannon Cleye,  she was married to Michael Russell, who worked in commercial real estate.

Parents and siblings

We already said that there is no information available about the early life of Shannon Cleye, so it is difficult to find out the names of her parents as well as siblings. It is not known whether she even has any siblings or not. The gorgeous lady herself has never ever talked about it.


Well, you already know the name of the child of Shannon Cleye. After all, he is a billionaire at such a young age of 26. With her husband, Michael Russell, Shannon Cleye has probably one child, whose name is Austin Russell. It is not really confirmed whether Shannon Cleye has any more kids other than Austin.

Education and profession

Like the personal life of Shannon Cleye, there is not much disclosed about her professional as well as academic career. According to some sources, the gorgeous lady has graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a communication degree. However, Shannon Cleye herself has never confirmed it. As for the profession of Shannon Cleye, we have already told you that she is a former model as well as an actress. Though she did not appear in superhit films, she was featured in some advertisements.

Reason for the popularity of Shannon Cleye

During her young age, Shannon Cleye managed to grab the eyeballs of people with her modeling and acting career. However, that was not really big. She actually got popular because of her child, Austin Russell, who is the youngest billionaire right now.

Net worth of Shannon Cleye

With the fact that Shannon Cleye was a model and an actress, she has definitely earned a handsome amount of money in her career. Though Shannon hasn’t disclosed it to the public. Considering her career, we can definitely say that she enjoyed money and luxury in her young days. Today, the luxuriousness of her life, of course, does not need to be mentioned. After all, his son holds a whopping net worth of around 1.7 billion as of 2022.


We must say that Shannon Cleye is a lucky lady because there are only a few, who become popular because of their kids. It is really pleasant to see your kids getting success at such a young age. Let’s see how far his son goes in the coming years.

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