Ngozi Ebichi is a popular African American comic writer and novelist, who has received an NCC prize for her witty comics. Apart from being a great writer, the talented lady is also popular for being the wife of American football player Sam Acho.

Today, let’s dig deeper and find out the details about Ngozi Ebichi including her childhood, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

The exact birth date of Ngozi Ebichi is not known. According to some sources, she was born in the 1980s in New York. Besides this, there is no other information available about her childhood, not even her parents’ names. Ngozi has mixed ethnicity and she follows Christianity. If you talk about the love life of Ngozi Ebichi, Ngozi Ebichi fell in love with Sam Acho, her future husband, probably in college, as the couple themselves have confessed once that they met during studies and became friends. After dating for years, they validated their relationship in 2014 by exchanging vows for each other.

Parents and siblings

Here, you will hardly get any information. Since the novelist herself has kept her lips shut when it comes to her parents and siblings, there is no information available on this.


Ngozi Ebichi has been married to great American footballer Sam Acho since 2014. Together, the couple has 4 kids. though there is not much detailed information available about their kids.

Education and profession

To be honest, there is no confirmed information available on the education of Ngozi Ebichi. However, we can say that Ngozi Ebichi must be a well-educated and scholarly lady else she wouldn’t have been such a great author. According to some reports, she completed her education in New York City.  As for her profession, you already know that she is a novelist, who mainly writes comic books and illustrations. The most popular books of Ngozi Ebichis are ‘Chirp Book’ and ‘Stick and Scones’. She even received the NCC prize for her extraordinary comic works.

Reason for the popularity of Ngozi Ebichi

Well, Ngozi Ebichi herself is the reason for her popularity. Unlike many other authors, she is a very witty and comic writer and this is what put her apart from the crowd. Though the popularity of her husband also helped her to become popular.

Net worth of Ngozi Ebichi

You already know that Ngozi Ebichi is a successful and well-established comic writer. She started her career around 2000 and it’s been 22 years since then. With the fact you can assume how much money she would have made so far. Well, we will tell you directly. As of 2022, Ngozi Ebichi holds a giant net worth of 3 million.


We must say that Ngozi Ebichi has been gifted with extraordinary talent. It is really not easy to find comedy and wittiness in everything and she has got it. She is a truly remarkable personality with incredible talents. The interesting thing is that she shaped her career in such a unique field.

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