Christmas is an exciting time of the year, and it’s an occasion most people look forward to every year. That being said, one of the most difficult things to do at Christmas time is to decide what gift to get the special people on your list. Gift baskets for Christmas time are extremely popular, and why not?

They all contain a potpourri of items the gift recipient may not buy for themselves, and if you decide to make your own basket, you can make it even more special and personalized. Below are a handful of items that can make your Christmas gift basket even more special.

1. Christmas Socks

The truth is people love zany socks! They’re warm and keep those toes comfortable, and there are so many decorative socks around Christmas time, it might be difficult to decide which ones you like best.

They usually come in bright red and green and have all of the familiar Christmas items on them, but you can also get them in other, more non-traditional colours if you prefer. If you go online, you’ll have access to thousands of Christmas-themed socks to make it easier to decide which ones you like best.

2. Cheese Board Set

Let’s face it—everyone loves cheese! A cheese board set is usually inexpensive and comes in many sizes and designs. It doesn’t have to be super fancy when you’re looking for items to go in your gift baskets for Christmas; it just has to be something people will love! In fact, sometimes the smaller boards are what people like most. As long as you find one that is well-made and comes with a few knives or cheese slicers, that special person on your gift list will love it.

3. Warm Blanket

Blankets are great for themed gift baskets because you can easily find one that matches the other items in the baskets. A red-and-green blanket is certainly easy to find, but you can choose from among many other designs as well. In fact, you can choose a blanket in any colour you like because all Christmas gift baskets do not have to have a Christmas theme! Just pick out something warm and cozy, and they’ll love it every time!

4. A Drink Tumbler or Mug

People drink a lot of hot cocoa around Christmas time, so including an insulated drink tumbler or mug in your gift basket is always a great idea. Tumblers and mugs are super-easy to find and come in so many colours and designs that it might be hard choosing the right one. Nevertheless, this is an item the recipient will be able to use over and over again for many years to come, and they’ll think about you every time they do!

5. Relaxation Products

Let’s face it, most people are stressed these days, thanks, in part, to the hectic world we live in now. When designing gift baskets for Christmas, always include at least one product whose sole purpose is to help someone relax. This could be a candle, bath salts, a box of chamomile tea, or products with lavender in them, such as body lotion and bath oil. Everyone, including men and women, will enjoy this type of gift, and the gifts are usually very elegant and attractive.

6. Snack Foods

Who doesn’t love to eat? Amongst the other items included in your gift basket should always be something for the gift recipient to eat! Choose fruit snacks, nuts, chocolates, cookies, or even hot chocolate packets, and they’ll love you for it. If you choose edible products for your gift basket, they will never go to waste, especially if you choose snacks that everyone seems to enjoy. Food items are always perfect for including in gift baskets!

7. Small Board Games

People love board games, and the smaller versions of these games make them the perfect item to place in a Christmas gift basket. Even better, you have tons of games to choose from, including checkers, chess, Monopoly, Uno, numerous card games, and even kids’ games such as Let’s Go Fishing, Hi Ho Cherry O!, and Connect 4, among others. Most of these games can be found in “travel” sizes, and they operate the same way as the regular-sized versions, so they are perfect for inclusion in any type of gift basket.

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