If you think just pot lighting or ceiling lights are sufficient for your living room illumination, you are probably wrong! Yes, you heard it right. The decor of your living room is incomplete without the table lamps.

The filtered light quality of the table lamps helps in creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere while adding tranquility to the living room.

No doubt, pot lights or recessed ceiling fixtures are preferred as they are comparatively inexpensive. Recessed fixtures offer a good amount of visible light over a great expanse.  However, these light fixtures do not provide the lighting for specific tasks common to our living rooms – but table lamps can.

How To Create Perfect Layered Lighting with Table Lamps?

Interior designers agree that you need more than one light source in a room. Layered illumination has a lot of perks!

Every room should have a mix of lighting, including overhead, accent and task lights. For example, even if you hang a decorative ceiling fixture in the living room, you must add a table lamp to act as a task light and enhance the charm of the room.

So, now you know the importance of table lamps, you must be wondering how to add them to a living room.

Fret not; we combined all the essential tips to help you light the living room with the table lamps.

Tips to find the perfect table lamp for your living room – 


When choosing the light, it is important to know your preferences. Ask yourself if you want to enhance your room’s ambience, or do you need some task lighting for an activity such as reading or knitting?

In addition to this, try to consider your surroundings and the best location for your lamp. Check your living room style and ask yourself if you want to place your lamp on a side table beside a chair, or will it go on a shelf or bookcase?

Common Types of Table Lamps Suitable for Living Room 

Mini table lamps

Mini Lamps come in small sizes with low wattage. These lamps are best for casting relaxed light in your living room. These lamps can be placed on the bookcases to highlight the books; thus, their nickname ‘Bookcase Lamp.’

Sofa lamps or true table lamps


If you are unsure about the size of the table lamp to choose from, go for true table lamps. These lamps come in various sizes considering 24-30 inches tall.

These lamps often have a three-way switch, allowing illumination at three different wattages. LED Table lamps or sofa lamps are the perfect way to find the ideal lighting in your living room, as they can be adjusted per the requirements.

They can be placed with several shades designed to throw most light upwards and downward. The lamps are designed to filter the brightness which ensures the balanced illumination in the room. Sofa lamps or true table lamps throw soft and flattering light on the face of the person sitting next to the lamp.

Buffet lamps

If you love the tall table lamps that would cast bright focused lighting, go for the buffet lamps. Buffet lamps are often taller. It comes in 35″ & more. Usually used to light the buffet table at elegant Victorian suppers, they are designed so that the shade protects the eye of the person standing while illuminating the object under and around it.

These are ideal for buffet tables or the entertainment console, bounding a television. If you want a relaxing ambience, you should try dialling down the wattage of the buffet lamps.


Table lamps for a living room add a positive aura to the space. The filtered light quality creates a warm and relaxing environment for you to share with your guests.

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