Serena Williams’ Net Worth

Serena Williams is a celebrated American professional tennis player. She has a net worth of $200 million. She attended Rick Macci’s tennis academy when she was three years old, and it was then that her talent for tennis was recognized.  Serena is popular for a unique style while playing the game.

Net worth               :       US $200 million
Full name                :       Serena Jameka Williams
Gender                    :      Female
Height                     :       5 ft 8 in (1.75 meters)
Nationality             :       United States of America
Date of Birth          :       26th September, 1981
Source of Wealth   :       Tennis, Endorsements by Big Brands, Business Ventures
Profession               :       Tennis player, Writer, Athlete, Voice Actor, Fashion Designer, Actor,
Spouse                    :       Alexis Ohanian
Residence              :       Florida, USA
Endorsements        :       Pepsi, Nike, Aston, IBM, Martin, Wilson, Gatorade, Delta Air Lines

Sources of Wealth

Serena Williams is labeled as a titan in the world of tennis. Her net worth is estimated at $200 million as of 2020. This brings her closer to the great sportsman Tom Brady, but comes up short of the net worth of big soccer stars like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. A big share of her net worth came from her 23 years long tennis career. Apart from that Serena keeps a major presence in the media, and she also is a savvy investor.

Serena Williams had phenomenal financial success in the sports field. With many Grand Slam titles to his credit, Serena Williams tends to dominate tennis. Just for a reference, in 2018, the winners of the US Open bagged $3.8 million each. Serena Williams collected a total of $90.64 million as career prize money. This fortune is a $50 million higher than any other professional women tennis player.

Early Life

Serena Williams was born to Richard Williams and Oracene Price in Michigan. She was the youngest of the siblings. Her parents moved to California while she was young. Her father had spotted the hidden tennis talent in her so he, along with the family, shifted to West Palm Beach, Florida so that Serena could attend the academy of Rick Macci. She rose as a baseline player, building her fame by grabbing control of rallies with her consistent serve.

Personal Life

Serena Williams met Alexis Ohanian in Rome in 2015. She was in the town for the Italian Open while Ohanian was attending the Festival of Media Global conference. She was having breakfast with friends when Ohanian took a seat next to her table. Serena found the gesture odd and told him to leave, to which he declined. Eventually, Serena had to invite her to her table for a chat. Surprisingly, she gave him her number. They went on the first date while she was playing the French Open. In 2016, Ohanian proposed to her and the couple happily married in November 2017.

Tennis Career

Serena Williams played her first tennis match in 1995 when she was just 14 years old. After a short period of just two years, she secured a slot in the top 100 WTA rankings. By 1999, she succeeded in bringing home her maiden championship, which landed her in the top 10 of the WTA ranking. For the next few years, her star continued to shine. By 2003, she had become the champion of the Grand Slam tournament by defeating her sister Venus. Now she had topped the WTA rankings.

After some time, bad luck struck her and she got injured. As her ankle and knee injuries started worsening, they adversely impacted her ability to play in the mid-2000s, but the injuries couldn’t keep her from fulfilling her dreams. Even while passing through the worst times of her life, Serena Williams won the Australian Open in 2005, her only victory that year. The year 2006 remained empty of any title but she bounced back in 2007. Gradually rising like a phoenix out of the ashes, Serena once again got back at the top slot in the 2009 WTA ranking. She kept that slot through 2013, 2014 and 2015 as well. In 2017, she broke the news that she was pregnant. She gave birth to her first child the same year. She once again hit the court in 2018 but the year remained title-less for her just like 2006.

She gradually built the momentum she was looking for and reached the Wimbledon final in 2019. She cruised to victory at the US Open tournament semi-finals but couldn’t capitalize, losing to 15 years old Bianca Andreescu in the final.

Serena Williams' Net Worth

Sponsorship Deals

Most of her money comes from her sponsorship deals. Serena signed a 5-year endorsement deal worth $40 million with Nike in 2004. Since then she also signed many other deals with different brands but she has not disclosed the financial details of those deals. She has sponsorship deals with Wilson, Aston Marting, Gatorade, Intel, and Beats by Dre. As per an estimate by Forbes, she earns around $18 million per year from her endorsements only. She is also an investor and she carefully returns her earned money into other opportunities. Serena along with her sister Venus has bought stakes in the UFC and the Miami Dolphins. She also launched her clothing line as well.

Grand Slam Achievements

Most of her financial legacy comes from her performances at different Grand Slam tournaments such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the U.S. Open, and French Open. After she won the Australian Open in 2017, she had 23 Grand Slam titles, which made her a leader in the Open Era of tennis. She won four U.S. Opens and three French Opens.

In addition to the single victories, Serena Williams made her way into the finals of 14 Grand Slam doubles along with her sister Venus. The duo won all the 14 matches. The most recent match was played in 2016 at Wimbledon. If we combine these victories with others, this makes an amazing 29 Grand Slam tournaments in her 20 years long career, which made her a legend in the tennis sport.

Serena Williams’ Investments

She is one of the many investors in Mayvenn, a platform where stylists sell wigs and also weaves to the clients. She also invested in LOLA which is a subscription service and offers hygiene products for females. Alison Williams and Lena Dunham are other LOLA investors.

Famous Quote

“Growing up I wasn’t the richest, but I had a rich family in spirit. Standing here with 19 championships is something I never thought would happen. I went to a court just with a ball and a racket and with a hope,”  Serena Williams.

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