Today, if you ask anyone to name one person who has justified their role as a funny clown with complete dignity, then there is one name you get to hear – Jim Carrey.  He is a Canada based comedy entertainer as well as a scriptwriter. Through all the spectacular and exceptional performances, Jim has become a leading comedian all over the world and has set a benchmark for all the young artists trying their luck as a comedian.

He has received much cheering applause for more serious imitations he has delivered till now. He has won millions of followers with all the newness he has brought into comedy style throughout his career. Many interesting mysteries are hidden behind the laughing face of this guy that we must know. Let us open up the secrets.

Early Life

The date was the 17th of January in the year 1962 when this funny guy came into the world. James Eugene Carrey aka Jim was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and was raised as a roman catholic. Jim’s mother Kathleen was a homemaker and his dad Percy Carrey was an auditor and a musician. He had three siblings. He belongs to a mixed ancestry of French Canadian, Irish and Scottish.

Jim disclosed his skill of doing amazing impressions when he was just 8 years old. Being an extrovert, he never felt nervous and performed acts in front of anyone interested to watch. When Jim was about 10 years old, he sent a letter to The Carol Burnett Show which was a kind of resume where he mentioned all of his skills of being a mime and requesting them to give him a chance to appear in their show. His happiness knew no bounds when they responded to his letter.

Jim left his school in 1978 and started working as a janitor in some factory to support his family. A sudden misfortune hit his family when he was still young and the entire family was compelled to move from their comfy city to Scarborough.

Personal Life

Jim Carrey married Melissa Womer who was an actress in the year 1987. Both of them were blessed with a daughter Jane. But after a few years, things turned quite ugly between them and so, they decided to split. In 1995, they separated. After a year, Jim found love in his co-star of Dumb and Dumber, Lauren Holly and they got married in 1996. But unfortunately, they were separated in less than a year. He was later involved with Jenny McCarthy for about 5 years.

In 2015, Jim Carrey’s then-girlfriend Cathriona White’s mother and her ex-husband took him to court when she died due to an overdose of drugs. They claimed that Jim was the one behind her death. However, all their charges were dismissed by the court.

Jim Carrey was in depression for a long time for which he took medicines to combat it. But with time, he stopped using any of the medicines.

Age, Height, and Weight

As of 2020, Jim Carrey is 57 years old. Jim’s height is 186.7 cm and his weight is 82 kg.


Jim’s age was around 15 years when his family came out of the tragic situation and the main earners of the family got back on their feet. This was the time when Jim launched himself for the first time as a stand-up humorist at a local club. Unfortunately, the show was a big failure. However, with constant practice, he brushed up his skill and started getting paid shows. To pursue as a comedian, he relocated to Los Angeles. He got a chance to appear at The Comedy Store.

With his humor and hard work, he started appearing consistently.  Rodney Dangerfield was so fascinated with Jim’s performance that he signed him as a warm-up act for the entire season. Buddy Hackett also signed him for his show. It was the year of 1983 when Jim landed in Hollywood and worked in a movie that was to be run on television. The movie name was ‘Introducing Janet’. His big-screen debut was with the movie ‘Finders keepers’ in the year 1984.

He did not find any major success until he got his big opportunity. This opportunity struck him in the year 1994 when he appeared as a leading man in the comedy ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’. He gave several megahits like ‘The Mask’, ‘Dumb and Dumber’, ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls ’, ‘Batman Forever’, ’The Cable Guy’ and ‘Liar Liar’.

Jim Carrey Net Worth

Jim won his first Golden Globe Award for best actor for his amazing performance in ‘The Truman Show’ and second for his role as Kaufman. Thereafter, Jim never stopped and gave a series of blockbuster performances. He again turned towards television in the year 2018 with the comedy series ‘Kidding’. Jim has also gained experience as an executive producer which he became for the show ‘I’m Dying up here’.

It was the current year 2020 that Jim decided to put a brake on his 3 years of retirement from the big cinemas. He played the popular character of Dr. Robotnik from the famous video game of 1990, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.

For many of you, this might come as a surprise but yes, Jim is a painter and has a deep interest in painting and sculpting. He has also shared a documentary showcasing all his artwork in the year 2017.

Jim Carrey’s Earnings

Jim had earned $ 20 million for the film ‘The Cable Guy’, this was happening for the first time in history. He has been earning millions from all the movies he is a part of and also gets backend bonuses. When he was appearing in the show ‘In Living Colour’, he used to get $25,500 for each episode and earned a total of $ 3.2 million from all the 127 episodes of the show. For Ace Ventura, he got $ 350,000 and the sequels to it gave him $15 million.

Jim owns several houses in the US. He has a permanent house in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. Apart from this, he also owns an apartment in New York.

Jim Carrey has earned everything with all his hard work. Eventually, his hard work paid off and today he is one of the richest comedy actors in the world. To date, his net assets are predicted to be $150,000,000 ($ 150 million).

Jim Carrey has always trusted the powers of visualization. This is proved by one of the incidents in his life. When Jim was busy establishing his name in the film industry, he did something weird. He made a check of $10 million for himself and kept that cheque in his wallet. He felt that looking at this cheque daily will inspire him and also a reminder that in the future, there is a day waiting when he would be this much. We hope Jim Carrey keeps entertaining us for many more years.

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