Royal Reign Jones Neil is the daughter of American rapper and songwriter Lil Kim. Reign was born with a congenital eye problem. She was born on June 9, 2014, at the New Jersey Hackensack University Medical Center. Some well-known songs, such as Not Tonight or Ladies Night, Crush on You, and No Time was written by Her Mother, Lil Kim, also known as Kimberly Denise Jones.

Jones has also made appearances in movies like Zoolander and on TV shows like Dancing with the Stars. Lacking hesitation, Lil Kim’s offspring is among the cutest celebrity kids. People are always quickly drawn to her lovely grin and eyes. One of the many inquiries that most people have about the little child Royal Reign is what is wrong with Lil Kim’s Daughter’s eye.

To know more about Royal Reigns, keep on reading because we are going to discuss in detail more about her life.

Personal information of Royal Reign Jones Neil

Name: Royal Reign Jones Neil
Age: 8 Years old at 2022
Date of birth: 9 June 2014
Place of birth: New Jersey, United States of America
Parents: Mr. Papers, Kimberly Denise Jones

Who is Royal Reign’s mother?

Lil’ Kim, real name Kimberly Denise Jones, is a rapper and composer. No Time, Not Tonight (Ladies Night), and Crush on You are two of her most well-known tracks. She has also appeared in movies like Zoolander and on TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.

Lil Kim is a great icon and has entertained the world for many years, from her music to her sense of style. Lil Kim and Royal Reign, her daughter, have been making news in the fashion and entertainment sectors. Her baby, who she has been prepping for the spotlight, has been spotted wearing adorable ways and walking red carpets, much like her mother!

What condition does Royal Reign Jones suffer from?

Lil Kim’s daughter was born with Congenital ptosis, an eye disease. Ptosis or blepharoptosis are terms used to describe drooping eyelids. There are many causes for it, including weakening muscles or damaged nerves. One or both eyes may be affected by ptosis. Ptosis can develop later in life or can be present at birth. There are multiple different surgical treatments available to treat this eye problem. However, it frequently takes more than one to produce a satisfactory outcome.

However, Royal won’t require surgery to treat this problem. As time goes by, Little Royal’s eye appears to be improving, and her eyes are anticipated to improve over time.

Are Royal Reign’s parents still together?

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers’ relationship hit a breaking point after the birth of Lil Kim’s baby, Royal Reign Jones Neil. Mr. Papers initially asserted fatherhood in court, but the custody dispute subsided over time. Even though their romance ended, Mr. Papers is reportedly close to his small daughter. Even though he is fighting for guardianship of their child, lead singer Papers also wrote a track about his ex-wife Queen Bee.

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