Do you try out various DIY projects at your home whenever you are free? Is it your hobby to create something on your own that is both budget-friendly as well as efficient in its working? Well, if yes, chances are that you might know who Silver Cymbal is, and in case you do know him, you might have wondered how old Silver Cymbal is.

This article is a brief biography of Silver Cymbal. Let us learn who Silver Cymbal is, how old is Silver Cymbal? What does he do that makes him so popular, who are the people in Silver Cymbal’s family, what are some of his best youtube videos etc? Keep scrolling to know more!

Who is Silver Cymbal? What does he do?

Silver Cymbal is a man living in Massachusetts, who loves to create something extraordinary by indulging in DIY projects. He believes in using the right tools and machinery to build a house, a pool, or constructions alike. Silver Cymbal makes his viewers acknowledge the ways and methods by which they can accomplish a DIY pool, DIY house, and most importantly how they can mow their lawn!

Most of the videos that Silver Cymbal uploads on his YouTube channel are related to gardening and maintaining the lawn wherein he again does DIYs to make his lawn look enhanced. The fact that he makes use of simple tools enables everyone to follow his ideas conveniently.

If you like gardening or you love to do something related to solar energy you are to follow his YouTube channels. Moreover, he also suggests methods for overall housing maintenance.

Apart from maintaining and managing a popular YouTube channel with 679K subscribers by the time this article is being written, Silver Cymbal is a family man and does a regular job as well to manage his family. It is in his free time that he prefers to create good quality content for his viewers which is why he created his YouTube channel which has gained immense popularity over time.

Also, Silver Cymbal has a website and a blog wherein he writes honest reviews on the machines and tools that he has already brought into use. On his website, Silver Cymbal has maintained proper slots in which he has organized his data quite efficiently. There are categories such as Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Fix Your Lawn, Get Rid of Weeds, etc.

How Old is Silver Cymbal?

Although there are very little evidential sources that could clarify how old is Silver Cymbal, according to his appearance in his videos, it can be concluded that Silver Cymbal might be between his late 30s and early 40s. Silver Cymbal does complete justice to the videos he creates and there is no dishonesty in them.

Primarily, this is the reason that he is immensely liked by people across the US and the world. Also, the efficiency in Silver Cymbals videos make us think about his fitness secret even in his late 30s and the next thing we are going to wonder about is his daily routine!

Silver Cymbal’s Family

Silver Cymbal lives with his wife and two daughters in Massachusetts. One of his daughters is specially abled. Silver Cymbal family also includes their dog, an American husky whom you might have even seen in some of his videos.

Does Silver Cymbal Earn Via Youtube?

Yes, Silver Cymbal earns via YouTube. At present, Silver Cymbal has 679K subscribers on his YouTube channel with 365 videos uploaded. Each video gets several views, thereby increasing the watch time and this leads to a rise in the income of the fellow. Presently, he has nearly 235 channel views which means that he can make a net income of around $90K to $500K.

To be honest, Silver Cymbal has also mentioned that he is getting sponsored by some companies at times and he has not even kept his income hidden. He accepts the fact that he generates income from YouTube. Also, if you buy products recommended by him, he is likely to get a small proportion of commission but that does not mean that you would cost any extra. Silver Cymbal’s reviews the products he is confident about, so he can always be trusted in that regard.

Silver Cymbal’s Most Popular Videos

Silver Cymbal’s videos are to the point, short in length, and honest. Some of the most popular videos by Silver Cymbal on his YouTube channel are as follows-

  • Easy Way to Get Rid of Mice in Your House- No More Mousetraps!

    • Leveling a Bumpy Lawn- The Easy Way

      • EcoFlow Wave Portable Battery Powered Air Conditioner 4000 BTU Review


Silver Cymbal makes you watch and experience amazing content when it comes to DIYs using basic and easily available tools. There is not much input that you need to follow his instructions for a DIY project. However, the outcome produced is truly amazing. Cymbal effortlessly manages to teach his viewers to do any DIY task.

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