QB1: Beyond the Lights is an American web and television series by Peter Berg. Released on Netflix on 13 February 2017, its story revolves around three high school senior quarterbacks, coming from different backgrounds. It is in the English language and has a total of 30 episodes over three seasons. The viewers enjoyed this series, and it has received some excellent reviews. The audience is waiting for the next part of the series, QB1 Season 4, and the good news is that the makers are coming soon with it.

The series walks the audiences through the struggles, difficulties, and journeys of three quarterbacks. It’s not just popular in the USA but also loved by people worldwide, especially sports enthusiasts.

QB1 Season 4 Release Date

There have been lots of reports and rumors about the release date of QB1 season 4. Until last year, a new season has been released every year. Earlier, the fourth season was scheduled to release in August 2020, but the pandemic caused a shutdown of the entire entertainment industry. This delayed the release date of QB1 season 4, as well. Now, it is reported that QB1 season 4 will release in December 2020 on Netflix. However, there are not many updates available on the storyline and plot. Plus, no trailer is available for the next season yet. But you can watch the trailers and highlights of the previous seasons to understand how the storyline had been moving so far.

QB1 Season 4

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QB1 Season 4 Plot

The story is based around three high school senior quarterbacks. Most students of that school are sports lovers, especially football fans. You will see them playing for the final season before NCAA Division I for college football in the series.

QB1 Season 4 Cast 

Here’s a glance at the cast and characters of the QB1 series. The main cast of the series includes:

  • Tayvon Bowers
  • Jake Fromm
  • Tate Martell
  • Justin Fields
  • Sam Hartman
  • Re-al Mitchell
  • Lance LeGendre
  • Spencer Rattler
  • Nik Scalzo

In QB1 Season 1:

  • Tayvon Bowers would be committed to the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, and later, transferred to the Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs.
  • Jake Fromm would be committed to the Georgia Bulldogs.
  • Tate Martell would be committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes and later transferred to the Miami Hurricanes.

In Season 2:

  • Justin Fields would be committed to the Georgia Bulldogs and later transferred to the Ohio State Buckeyes.
  • Sam Hartman would be committed to the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.
  • Re-al Mitchell would be committed to the Iowa State Cyclones and later transferred to the Temple Owls.

In Season 3:

  • Lance LeGendre would be committed to Maryland Terrapins.
  • Spencer Rattler would be committed to the Oklahoma Sooners.
  • Nik Scalzo would be committed to the Kentucky Wildcats.

In every season, the makers cast three new quarterbacks, and everyone gave a fantastic performance. So, we can expect new quarterbacks in QB1 season 4, too. 


The storyline adds a new batch of quarterbacks with a new journey, problems, and struggle stories every season. The quarterbacks aim to beat all odds and succeed in football. The story also depicts their personal life, high school time, and families. While the families of quarterbacks pressurize them to succeed, other interesting parts include teenage issues, high school drama, and the unique American football.

Season 1

The first season introduced Jake Fromm, a fresher in the football team of the University of Georgia. He participated in the college football playoff National Championship in the same year. Other players who joined him are Ohio State University’s Tate Martell and Wake Forest University’s Tayvon Bowers. The story showed their tensions, sufferings, and injuries for reaching a special position.

List of Episodes of Season 1

“The Journey Begins”


“Don’t Mess with Texas”

“Being King”

“Sibling Rivalry”

“A Storm Is Brewing”

“Significant Others”

“Make or Break”


“On to the Next”

Season 2

In the second installment, QB1 presented the next trio. Justin Fields from Harrison High School, Georgia, Sam Hartman from Oceanside Collegiate Academy, South Carolina, and Re-Al Mitchell from St. John Bosco High School, California, were the new quarterbacks. Being shown as seniors in the season, their objective was to compete at the nationals.

List of Episodes in Season 2

“A Game About Life”

“Paying the Price”

“Battle Ready”

“Perception is Reality”

“Something to Prove”

“Grace & Redemption”

“Reality Check”

“Fully Committed”


“Moving the Chains”

Season 3

Like the earlier seasons, the third installment again welcomed three new athletes. The story followed the journey of Lance LeGendre, who attended Warren Easton High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He had a humble, smiling, and dedicated personality. Spencer Rattler, a Pinnacle High School student in Phoenix, Arizona, was a confident person from a middle-class family. Finally, Nik Scalzo was from Cardinal Gibbons High School in Parkland, Florida.

List of Episodes in Season 3

“What’s Your Why”

“Setting the Tone”

“Close Call”

“Got your Back”

“Living the Game”


“Last Dance”

“Game of Inches”

“Next Man Up”

“Never Settle”

QB1 uses a journalistic- documentary filming style for sports and does not include any glam-show. The 24-hour presence of a camera can make events look filtered, but this series is very realistic, and that is what makes it unique. This series has a dedicated fanbase with some hard-core fans.


After the success of the three installments of QB1: Beyond the Lights, the fans are very excitedly waiting for QB1 season 4. Moreover, fans are striving for the return of Bryce Young, who is referred to as one of the famous quarterbacks from California. While each season brings fresh faces, we can expect some new favorite faces among fans. The hopes are high, considering the success of the previous three seasons.

As the previous seasons have received some excellent reviews and ratings, the QB1 season 4 is expected to carry on the legacy. Till now, we only know about the series coming to Netflix by the end of 2020. We shall update you about any new or recent development over the series. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to avoid missing any latest updates on your upcoming favorites.

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