As we all know that everyone around the world is going through the Covid-19 crisis. We all have suffered from one kind of loss either in our businesses or education. People have lost their jobs and students don’t have any proper channels or education. This is the time where we started spending a lot of time on our phones and computer screens. Not only the students but adults also started taking subscriptions of some video games or online games to pass their time during the pandemic season. It’s no surprise that many are turning to game for some form of solace in today’s bleak climate. Even with the Covid disruption, the online gaming industry has fared quite well as more individuals look for ways to pass their idle time and safely socialize at home, with online gaming swiftly becoming an industry norm. 

The global video game business is thriving despite the broad economic disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak. This is because, in an age of social alienation, when consumer and business activities have been cut to a bare minimum, gaming has given a fun diversion for people looking for something to do. An e-sports competition, a virtual athletic event, or a cloud gaming service were all used to accomplish this. People have more time on their hands now that academic institutions are closing and businesses are operating on a work-from-home model. According to a recent digital media trends poll, a third of customers enrolled in a video game service for the first time during the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Game ‘Pandemic Legacy’ is also one such game that has seen high popularity in recent times. After watching the response of the audience & gamers towards this game, the makers decided to bring more seasons of this game during this pandemic time. Let’s find out either there will be any launch of Pandemic Legacy Season 3. What do the makers have to say about this news? Let’s know here.

Major Details 

Game: Pandemic Legacy
Genre: Strategy,  Thematic 
Category: EnvironmentalMedical
Publishers: Z-Man Games, Inc.

Asterion Press


Filosofia Éditions

Gém Klub Kft.

Hobby Japan

Jolly Thinkers

Korea Boardgames Co., Ltd.


Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd


Reimplemented By: Pandemic Legacy: Season 2
Designers: Rob Daviau

Matt Leacock

Original release: 2015
Number of seasons: 2
Family: Components: Map (Global Scale)

Game: Pandemic

Mechanism: Campaign Games

Mechanism: Legacy

Medical: Diseases

Region: The World

Versions & Editions: Legacy Versions of Non-Legacy Games


Pandemic Season 3 Release Date

Game Description

Pandemic Legacy is a cooperative campaign game with an overarching story arc that is played across 12-24 sessions, depending on your group’s performance. The game begins similarly to the original Pandemic, with your team of disease-fighting experts racing against the time to treat illness hotspots while discovering solutions for each of four plagues before they spread all over the world. A player’s turn consists of four actions: traveling around the world in various ways (sometimes requiring the discard of a card), building structures such as research stations, treating diseases (removing one cube from the board; if all cubes of color have been removed, the disease has been eradicated), trading cards with other players, and finding a cure for a disease.

Each player has a distinct job to play, with various powers to aid them in completing their tasks. A player draws two cards when they have completed their acts. Epidemic cards, for example, can be used to add more disease cubes to the board and cause an outbreak, spreading illness cubes even further. Outbreaks also boost a city’s terror level, making it more expensive to travel there. You have two chances to complete each month’s objectives in the game. You win if you succeed, and you can move on to the next month right away. If you don’t succeed the first time, you’ll get a second opportunity with additional money to spend on helpful event cards. New rules and components will be introduced throughout the campaign. These will occasionally necessitate making permanent changes to the game’s components.

Launch of Pandemic Legacy Season 3

Since the launch of Pandemic Legacy Season 2, all fans are waiting for the next season of this game that has made this pandemic interesting for them. Rob Daviau stated on Twitter in 2018 that the third part of Pandemic Legacy would be released. He concluded his tweet by saying that he has been working on the Pandemic Legacy Season 3 protocol and that “life is good.” It wasn’t long before designers Leeman and Daviau acknowledged that the third season’s design was nearing completion. As soon as the production and art of this season will get completed, there are chances to get another season released in the market.

Similarities between Pandemic Legacy and Covid Pandemic 2020

In this time of coronavirus pandemic when everyone was shut in their homes, this game came into the business that has a very similar theme as the current situation. At this point in time, a significant number of fans have liked the Pandemic Legacy game and how it helps to bond with our family and friends. On the other hand, others have also observed the similarities between Pandemic Legacy and the Coronavirus pandemic. On the internet, fans have been joking about it by pointing out that the board game has now become a reality. It covers illness transmission, epidemics in many places throughout the world, infection cards, pandemic circumstances, and disease cures in the levels of this game.

Release Date of Pandemic Legacy Season 3

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Z-Man revealed in late March that it has postponed announcements of future Pandemic games until a “more opportune moment,” implying that Pandemic Legacy Season 3 would be delayed. Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America, a spin-off game from the original Pandemic, was officially revealed in May. Season 3 of Pandemic Legacy is going to be released by the end of 2021. All the fans of this game are eagerly waiting for the release of season 3.

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