It’s not even been a year, and the fans of Oresuki have started demanding the Oresuki Season 2. No doubt, Harem anime always come up with interesting stories, and Oresuki also falls in the same category.

Fans love the storyline of the show. It’s been about a year since they last watched its season, but now they doubt Oresuki Season 2 whether it will premiere or not. So, if you are a fan of this series and want to know everything about its season 2, we have got you covered. Just keep reading!

Oresuki is a Japanese harem anime series that means ‘Are You the Only One Who Likes Me? It is the remake of the Rakuda, a light novel series of the same name. The anime first appeared on October 3, 2019, and so far, its twelve episodes have been aired; the last one was aired on December 26, 2019.

It became popular among viewers and got a massive fan following after its after-season. Since then, its fans have been waiting to see its following installment. But till now, we haven’t heard anything from its creators.

Get to Know the Main Characters of Oresuki

Amatsuyu ‘Joro’ Kisaragi is a 2nd-year student studying at Nishikizuta High School. Sumireko ‘Pansy’ Sanshokui loves Joro and wants to do things with him.

Himawari ‘Aoi’ Hinata is one of the favorite characters of the series. She is a nice girl with a cool haircut. In the show, she seems to go to the next place called America.

Sakura Akino is a 3rd-year student and a Student Council President at the same school. She is a well-disciplined student who likes to keep everything well-mannered and often gets frustrated when things go wrong against her will. She loves reading, and due to this beloved habit, she became a member of the Library Committee.

Sun-chan was the best friend of Joro since middle school. He is known for his friendly nature and expression, but he is also a mean person deep inside. He is a coward, a person who cannot speak his mind. Some people also say that he fake his friendship, and in reality, he wants to destroy Joro. He loves Pansy, but Pansy already has feelings for his best friend Joro, and she loves him. He is now in the middle of the confusion about whether to continue his friendship with Joro or go after Pansy. It was a decision that he could not easily make.

What is the Plotline of Oresuki?

Sakura Akino is a beautiful girl who belongs to an upper-class family. She and his childhood friend Aoi Hinata invited Amatsya Kisaragi somewhere. He goes with them according to their will, thinking that someday he will hear a love confession from them. But Hinata and Sakura confess that they love their friend Amatsuya.

Amatsuya believes that no other girl can like him except them, but a girl secretly likes him, Sumireko Sanshokuin. The girl has braided hair and wears glasses, and she never came into the mind of Amatsuya because she always creates problems for him with her long and sharp tongue and always takes pleasure in doing this. But in fact, no one has any idea that Amatsuya is the only person who has trouble with her sharp tongue.

Is There Any Renewal Status for Oresuki Season 2?

The Connect Studios have produced the anime adaptation of this series. But now they seem to be relatively tight-lipped regarding the Oresunki Season 2. The manga’s author also hasn’t said anything about the series. Neither have they announced the renewal and cancellation of the series.

Despite receiving the inaugural response from the viewers and critics, it still hasn’t gotten its renewal. It is possible, and we can hope that the fans of the anime series might hear the good news of its season by the end of this year.

English Dub of Oresuki

From Oct 2 to Dec 25, 2019, the series aired on Tokyo MX, BS11, GYT, YTV and TVA. Aniplex of America gets the license for distributing the series in the region of English speakers. It is available now on Funimation, Crunchyroll, HIDIVE in North America, North America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and AnimeLab in Australia.

Is There Any Source Material?

The initial season of this anime contains twelve episodes, and so far, creators have published 14 volumes of the LN series. The last volume of the series was published in June 2020. Furthermore, side by side, authors are also publishing a manga series and have released its six volumes. This is how the Connect Studio has got enough source material to create Oresuki Season 2.

Will the Fans Be Able to See the Return of the Anime Ever?

People are already watching many harem anime series these days, and many of them are just anime shows without any good story and excellent character development. Oresuki is the only anime series that is a little different from others. This anime proved to be the top class genre, and similarly, viewers also get an outstanding experience.

The viewers loved the characters and the plot of the show. Along with the viewers, critics also praised the series. Therefore, there are chances that viewers might probably see Oresuki Season 2. If the creators get the will, they will more likely pick the show from the following installment by the end of this year.

The Release Date of Oresuki Season 2

A few months ago, when the creators last released the episode of OVA in September. The episode continues the anime plot and serves as its follow-up sequel. The Ova episode also got a marvelous response from the viewers.

So, there are more chances that the Connect Studio will announce the Oresuki Season 2 soon. It can be expected that 22 fans will get the news of its release date by the end of this year.

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