Following the love of fantasy among viewers, many anime pursue this common genre. Assassins Pride is one of those shows that don’t impress viewers in the realm. The show received some amount of hate, but despite all that, there are also people who actually enjoyed it, and now they are desperately waiting for the sequel of their beloved series.

Kei Amagi is the author of this Japanese fantasy novel series ‘Assassins Pride’ and it was illustrated by Nino Ninomoto. It’s an ongoing series that Yoshie Kato later adapted into a manga series for illustration.

It has been broadcasted in the Seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump in May 2017. Around eight volumes of this series have been published so far, and the ninth volume will be published on February 18, 2022.

Characters of Assassins Pride

●     Kufa Vampir

Kufa Vampir is the teacher of Melida as the main character of the series. He is a tall young man with dark blue hair and purple eyes. He was appointed as Melida’s teacher to kill her if she could not learn magic, and Kufa defied all the orders given to him and continued training her. In addition, Kufa is a skilled swordsman who always carries a katana with him.

●     Melida Angel

Melida Angel is a cute young girl with red eyes and blond hair. She was born into a Holy Knights family. Her family is so disappointed because she doesn’t possess any talent with mana. Her family hires Kufa Vampir to teach Melida some magic to keep the family’s reputation. He also has permission to kill Melida if she cannot learn the mana. Her family almost disown her, but she keeps a positive outlook towards her life despite it.

●     Elise Angel

Elise Angel is the secondary character of the show, who is the cousin of Melida. She is a pride of the entire family because she can use mana. Due to her talents, Melida is often disliked by her own family. She is a less talkative person who doesn’t like to talk too much, but she never keeps herself back when showing her abilities.

●     Rosetti Pricket

Rosetti Pricket is one of the members of the holy city guards and the current tutor of Elise. She is a cheerful girl who always has a smile on her face. She ties her long hair into a single pony. She has yellowish eyes that are red. She is also learning mana, and her class is known as Maiden. She belongs to the Crest Legion.

The Plot of Assassins Pride

The story of Assassins Pride revolves around a strange world where there is no value for humanity, and it has been pushed towards extinction. Flandore is the last remaining city where people live. Transparent glass-made domes separate the block of the city. The outside world of the dome is not safe due to savage lycanthropes, but despite this, people have to travel between the domes using trains. There are two classes of humanity within the domes; one is noble, and the other is the commoner.

The noble class of humanity is superior not only in social status but also in mana, which is a superhuman ability, and they use mana to fight and kill lycanthropes.

The story of Assassins Pride revolves around the young girl Melida Angel. Her father was noble, but her mother was a commoner. Due to this reason, she couldn’t manifest her powers, but she joined the elite academy to develop skills with mana.

On the other hand, Kufa Vampir becomes the tutor Melida to teach her mana following her grandfather Lord Mordrew. The family hired a teacher to determine if Melida was a noble member of the Angel family or not. Kufa was also permitted to kill Melida if she turned out to be the result of her mother’s affair, who isnot the blood of Lord Mordrew.

Later in the show, Kufa discovers that Melida doesn’t belong to a noble family, but he doesn’t ignore her strong spirit. He disobeys the given instruction and offers different ways to manifest her mana. With the help and teaching of mana, Melida can use mana for the first time. And now they both have to keep their actions secret from the family; otherwise, both of them will be killed.

Story of ‘Assassins Pride’ Season 2

Makers of this series are more likely to make the expected story from volume 6, but they can also take some chapters from volume 4 because the latter was skipped entirely in the first season.

In the Assassins Pride season 2, the viewers will see an unprecedented crisis in the last city, Flondore. Three dukes will gather and discuss anomalies to plan a solution for the happenings that have occurred in their presence. At the same time, to preserve the hope for humanity in the city, all three Kufa, Melida and Rosetti, go to the sea with an airship.

Melida’s grandfather decides to kill her granddaughter on a specific day to worsen the situation. With the upcoming festival of Sword Dance, her grandfather gives something to the Knights of the Night to eliminate Melida forever.

When will the ‘Assassins Pride’ Season 2 Come?

We all know that the fantasy series based on light and the 12 episodes of the first season have been shown on the screen. Besides all this, anime skipped a few parts from the novel.

However, no official announcement has been made by the makers for the making of Assassins Pride Season 2 and when it is going to be aired. It is believed that by the end of 2022, we can expect its creators to create a new season.

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