Marley Skrein is the son of the famous English actor, rapper, film director, and screenwriter Ed Skrein. Ed Skrein is an actor who has appeared in television shows and independent films. He is most recognized for his role as Daario Naharis in Season 3 of Game of Thrones (GoT).

Personal Life

Marley Skrein was born in 2011 to Ed Skrein and an undisclosed mother. As of 2022, Skrein is 11 years old. Marley is an American citizen with a mixed ethnic background—English and Austrian-Jewish.

Because his father keeps their personal lives hidden, no one knows what school he attends or what degree of knowledge he has. Similarly, it’s hard to tell if he has any siblings.

Marley Skrein’s father’s online presence has not helped much with the information about Marley. His educational information as well as his mysterious mother have shown just how far Ed Skrein has gone to keep his son’s life secretive.

At some point, there were online rumours that claimed that Marley Skrein’s mother was one of the many mistresses his father Ed had. However, his father did not have much to say about this, leaving the question about Marley’s mother a mystery.

Marley Skrein’s Father’s Life and Career

Edward George Skrein was born on March 29, 1983, in Camden, London, England, to Jewish Austrian immigrants.

He debuted as a rapper in 2004 with the Dented Records label’s release of a three-track EP. His first album, The Eat Up, released in 2007 contained his work together with well-known rappers such as Foreign Beggars, Dubbledge, Doc Brown, and Plan B. Pre-Emptive Nolstagia, a collaborative EP, was released. Under the name Skreintax, he released Scene Stealers in 2009, a collaborative effort with rapper Dr Syntax.

Ed made his acting debut in Plan B’s short film Michelle before moving on to III Manors as the lead. Skrein rose to notoriety after playing Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones Season 3. However, he was replaced in the season 4 of Game of Thrones reportedly because he eas not  a good fit for the role at that point.

Marley’s father, Ed Skrein, is not married and is not now in a relationship; he is only concerned with his profession and the care of his lovely son.

Marley Skrien’s Net Worth

At 11 year old Marley is just a child and has no job to build a net worth. He is at this point in school focused on building a successful future life. The only way he could possibly have some wealth in his name is if his father Ed Skrein had some of his own in Marley’s name.

His father on the other hand has had great careers in the entertainment industry and has undisputedly made some fortune. According to celebritynetworth.com, he has a net worth estimated at $7 million as of 2022. Aside from that, Ed makes a lot of money via sponsorships and commercials.

Wrapping it up

We might not know much about Marley Skrein and his father at this point, but what’s certain about them is that they share a special father son bond.

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