Ann Francis was a movie personality who gained fame for her roles in films and TV shows. While most people might be familiar with her, very few  know about her daughter, Jane Elizabeth Abeloff. Continue reading to find out what we know about Jane Elizabeth Abeloff.

Early Life

Jane was born on March 21st, 1962 in Los Angeles, California. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Her mother, as we have mentioned, was Ann Francis a legendary actress. Her father is Robert Abeloff, who was her mother’s second husband.

Jane’s early life including her education background has not been published in the public databases. It is, however, presumed that she had a good childhood and had the best education given that she was raised by a successful mother.

Two years after she was born, Jane had to deal  with the life of being a child of divorced parents. This was after her parents’ divorce in 1964.

Jane’s life as a child was surrounded by drama, mostly caused by her parents and she was right at the centre. Her mother filed several charges including charging cruelty where she asked for $1,300 in monthly support.

Her mother, Ann Francis, decided to adopt a child, Margaret West in 1970 so that Jane would have a sister. Even after the adoption of her sister, Jane Elizabeth Abeloff’s mother decided not to remarry, in effect, Jane and her sister had to deal with life being raised in a single motherhood family.

She is also known by the aliases;Jane Uemura or Jane Elizabeth Uemura.

Jane Abeloff’s Relationships and Marriage

Jane Abeloff has not provided any details of her current relationship or marriage. Similarly, there are no records available for the wider public about her past relationships. It is not  known if she has children.

Jane Abeloff’s Mother, Ann Francis

Ann Francis is the reason Jane Abloff is popular. Ann Francis was married to Balmet Lawrence Price before marrying Jame Abeloff’s dad, Robert Abeloff.

Her career as an actress was quite successful and she was one of the actresses who received a Golden Globe for her part in the TV series Honey West as a female detective. Her performance in the science fiction movie Forbidden Planet also garnered her a lot of praise.

Jane Elizabeth Abeloff’s mother, Jane Elizabeth, died of pancreatic cancer complications on January 2, 2011, in a retirement home in Santa Barbara, California. Her ashes were strewn in the Pacific Ocean after she was cremated.

Jane Abloff’s Net Worth

Jane Abloff’s net worth has not been published anywhere on the web but will be updated as soon as such information surfaces. On the other hand, her famous mother’s  net worth at death was estimated at around $1.5 million.

Wrapping it Up

Jane Elizabeth Abloff has popularity to enjoy mostly due to her mother’s legacy. She has chosen to keep her life private and from the wider public.

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