When the name Lucita Aranas comes up, only one thought comes to mind, her son. Lucita Aranas is the mother of a celebrity and decorated actor, Lou Diamond Philips. The son has worked his way into acting, and it’s through his fame that details emerge about his mother and family. So, what do we know about Lucita Aranas and her family?

Lucita Aranas Life

Lucita Aranas was born in Candeleria, Zambales and is wife to Gerald Upchurch. The couple is blessed with one son, Luo Diamond Philips, who was born in 1962 February. Most of her life story revolves around her son.

Who is Lucita Aranas Son?

Lou Diamond Upchurch is the son of Gerald Upchurch and Lucita Aranas. Lou was born on 17th February 1962 at the United States Naval Base in the Philippines. Lou is renowned for being a director and actor and mostly for acting in the “La Bamba” movie as Ritchi Valens.

His fame doesn’t stop there. He has appeared in different movies, including “Che”, “Courage Under Fire”, and “Love Takes Wing.”

Lou has had a series of relationships and marriages. Currently, he is married to Yvonne Boismier Phillips, his third wife, whom they started dating in 2004 and tied the knot in 2007. The two have a daughter, born in 2007.

If you dig, you will find that Lou’s first wife was Julie Cypher, and she was an assistant director. They married in 1987 but divorced in 1990. Afterwards, Lou married a model in 1994 named Kelly Phillips, whom they only dated for a year. The marriage yielded three children, but they separated in 2007 July.

Lucita Aranas’s Child: Net Worth and Career

A mother takes pride in her son’s success, and when it comes to success, Lucita Aranas is a proud mother. Over the years, her son has amassed considerable wealth from his career and different sources. Lou’s wealth stands at $5, and the future seems promising for more. Based on this, we can assume that Lucita Aranas is well catered for by her son and being a celebrity’s parent, she must be enjoying some benefits.

Lou grew up in Texas. He attended school in Corpus Christi and later joined the University of Texas, where he graduated with a degree in drama. His passion for acting knew no limits; even when studying, he actively participated in a drama club and comedy. His acting career officially began in 1987 when he acted in the “La Bamba” movie.

His role gained him popularity, and he started his fame and success thanks to it as more roles came after, to a point he received the nomination for the Best Supporting Actor from Golden Globe. If you enjoy TV action shows such as “24”, you can’t miss getting to know him. Besides, his character is hard not to notice and love watching.

Lou is available on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where he has a good following. You can also find him on Twitter, but he is currently inactive on Facebook. Even though he avoids scandals, he was arrested twice, one for reckless driving and domestic conflict in 2006.

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