Leiah Chapman is an eleven years old girl and was born on September 5, 2010. She is the daughter of Leland Blane Chapman, a famous American tv personality known for his starring role in “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, while her mother is Lynette Yi.

Leiah’s Father

Leland Blane Chapman, Leiah Breanna’s father, is an American tv personality, a businessman, a bounty hunter, and a bail bondsman. He captured the public eye after starring in the tv program “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” The net worth of Leiah Breanna’s father is 2 million dollars. Leland made his bounty as a tv personality, bounty hunter, and bail bondsman.

He also owns a bail bond company, Kama’aina Bail Bonds, in Hawaii, where he manages his father’s business.

Leland Chapman, Leiah Breanna’s father, has had his load of share in relationships. He was first involved with Maui Chapman, with whom they had two sons. He later met Lynette Yi, and together they were blessed with the adorable Leiah Breanna, but unfortunately, their 3-years relationship didn’t work out. After his break-up with Lynette, he met Jamie Pilar Chapman, whom he married in 2016, and they have been together since then.

Leiah’s Parent’s Relationship.

Leiah Breanna’s parents, Leland Chapman and Lynette Yi, never married. They were in a relationship for three years and blessed with a beautiful daughter. Despite having a daughter, they had issues in their relationship, and they had to separate, but they remained friends and are still in touch.

Leiah -Mama’s Girl

Lynette Yi adores her daughter Leiah who she shares a strong bond. She even became the maid of honour at her mother’s wedding. Besides, her mother shared pictures with her daughter at her wedding, depicting their strong Bond.

Leiah’s Grandparents

Leiah Breanna’s grandparents are Daune Chapman and La Fonda Sue Honeycutt. Her grandfather Daune is a tv personality, bounty hunter, and former bail bondsman. Leiah is close to the two and likes spending time with them.

Leiah’s half-siblings

Leiah Breanna is fortunate to have two half-brothers, Dakota Chapman and Cobie Chapman, sons of Leland Chapman and Maui Chapman. They both love Leiah so much and treat her much like a princess.

Dakota Chapman, the eldest of the two, was born on March 24 1995; he is a father of two and is in a happy relationship with Cheryl Dianne. Additionally, he has a large following on Instagram with over 155k followers with 541 posts. To top it all, he  is also an actor, having appeared in “Dog and Beth.”

Cobie Chapman, the younger half-brother, born on December 7, 2000, has his own business, “Cobie Chapmans Big Island Surf Co.”

The Kind of Bond Leiah Had with Her Stepmother.

Since Leland and Lynette’s relationship didn’t work and they had to break up, Leland got married to Jamie Pilar Chapman, a tattoo artist, in 2016, and she became Leiah’s stepmother. The two, Leiah and Jamie, shared a good relationship, evident by the quality time they spent together, not to mention the vacations they enjoyed.

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