Lewis Tipton is commonly known as Tippy. She was born on 15th July 1930 in Illinois, the United States and her parents are Arthur Campbell and Louie Frances Stringer. Lewis Tipton was a famous TV Pioneer and weather reporter. Her name was included in one of those large-market news broadcast anchors. She had a huge fan following for her work for WRC-TV in Washington.

Tippy’s married life was kind of bumpy, so she married twice; her first marriage was with legendary newscaster Chet Huntley; later on, she married actor William Conrad Jr.

Tippy’s Personality

Lewis Tipton was a beautiful and intelligent, high-spirited woman. She was a hardworking person who went beyond the newsroom.

Tippy’s Achievements

Lewis Tipton got the name of weather girl in 1953 at the WRC-TV. She has hosted many programs such as cooking, homemaking and weather shows.

Tippy also performed at the Shoreham hotel. During her time, she was doing back-to-back floor shows and weather shows. In 1955, she gained the public’s attention with her cartoon creation of Senator Fairweather, which was published in Life magazine.

She was also a weather host on a TV show that Willard Scott hosted. The show featured Jim Henson and his Muppets. Tipton was also the first artist who used wireless microphone technology.

Everyone loved and appreciated her talent, and the Washington business community called her to promote their local products and show her appearance in events and parades.

Tippy’s Personal and Career Life

Tippy’s parents graduated from the University of Chicago. Her father, Arthur Campbell, was an executive at the National Broadcasting Association. People often believed that Tippy was a boy because of Lewis Tipton Stringer’s birth name. But after attending the University of Maryland, she changed her name to Tippy. Her significant subjects were theatre, and she starred in many production projects at her university. In 1951, she was also crowned the homecoming queen. Many film industries and theater agents noticed her talents, but the broadcasting industry was written on her fate.

She met legendary anchor Chet Huntley in 1957. She met him through satellite, and both courted virtually for many months. The couple got married in 1959. However, Tippy continued her work after marriage but being a wife of a successful anchor made her career abandoned. Though, she already possessed the talents that kept her involved in her work.

Chet Huntley retired from NBC news in 1970. After their retirement, the couple founded the Big Sky Resort in Montana.

Her husband died in 1974. After his death, Tippy became a lecturer. In 1078, she was offered by a Republican Congressional candidate for Montana.

Lewis Tipton met his second husband, William Conrad, in 1980. Her husband was known for his TV show Cannon, and the couple got married in 1980. Till William’s death in 1994, Tippy assisted him in managing his career.

Tipton founded the Stringer Foundation in 1995, funding literacy groups, animal protection groups, public broadcasting, women’s shelter and reproductive education.

Tippy’s beautiful Era ended when she died on 1st October 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.


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