Landlords have a secret wish list when it comes to tenants. While finding the perfect tenant can be a challenge, there are certain qualities that make landlords jump for joy. In this article, we will explore five things that landlords absolutely love about their tenants. Whether you’re a current or future renter, understanding these coveted traits can help you stand out from the crowd and secure your dream rental property. So, let’s dive in and discover what makes landlords’ hearts skip a beat when it comes to their tenants!

5 Things That Will Make You Stand Out As a Potential Tenant

We know that this can be annoying as hell, but considering you don’t want to move from one location to another constantly, it’s the best option you have. Now, most landlords are easy to please, mainly because they always have the same set of expectations when it comes to tenants, although some may have a more specific set of rules they’ll want you to abide by. It’s best to clear things up directly from the start. Despite the details, there are a few key requirements that landlords prefer to see in all of their tenants, ideally.


Good communication is always a valuable aspect of any relationship, regardless of its nature. Don’t get confused here. Just because it’s a good idea to have talks with your landlord from time to time, regardless of the topic, doesn’t mean that you have to turn them into your best friend unless, of course, you want to. Keeping a good communication relationship with your proprietor will become vital, especially if you need to ask for something, such as repairs or renovations. Speaking of which, be sure to always inform the property owner of any such changes and plans you may have – if you’ve kept communication to a steady level, you should have no problem with this.


We don’t think that there are instances in which high levels of cleanliness and personal hygiene can be considered as something bad. Despite this, many tenants tend to overlook the cleanliness of their residences due to a multitude of different reasons, although it’s one of the quickest ways to your landlord’s heart. Property owners tend to come on inspections so they can see whether or not there’s something wrong with your particular residence. And even though some tend to do the whole “surprise visit” bit, it’s situations like these where you can make a good impression and win your landlord over. Also, don’t forget to properly clean your living space if you decide to vacate it, especially if you’ve kept a good track record of household cleanliness. If you require help, you can always schedule a tenancy cleaning to help you get your deposit back.


It can be difficult to show your landlord that you have a likeable personality, as every person has a different understanding of what is likeable. Nevertheless, try to spend some time with your landlord, and after you learn what they view as ‘likeable’, you could embody that. Note: this should only be considered as an option if your personality doesn’t appeal to your landlord in any way or if you know that it won’t. This is an important step, as it will help you to understand each other better and to build a stronger relationship.

Team Spirit

Demonstrating the ability to collaborate and be part of a larger community is an essential element of your relationship with your landlord. Make an effort to be amicable with your neighbours, attend any arranged activities, and provide assistance as needed. This will demonstrate to your landlord that you are a responsible tenant who works and interacts well with others, not someone intent on stirring up trouble.


Last but definitely not least, politeness is always a must when dealing with your landlord. Remember to be as polite and accommodating as you can possibly be in any and all situations with your landlord, as he or she is the person that decides whether or not you’re going to live in a given residence or not. Trust me, the last thing you need is to get into a fight with your landlord, which may or may not result in you having to pack up and get out.

General Advice You Can Follow

The qualities and behaviours that landlords love in tenants relate to financial responsibility, cleanliness, effective communication, responsible property management, and long-term commitment. By embodying these traits, potential tenants can significantly increase their chances of being chosen for that dream rental property. Remember, a strong tenant-landlord relationship is built on trust, respect, and reliability, ensuring a harmonious living environment for all parties involved. Just remember the following:

  • Be on time for appointments;
  • Show up clean and presentable;
  • Have a respectful demeanour and polite manner of speaking;
  • Be a good listener and have a positive attitude;
  • Have a good credit score and history;
  • Be organised and have a plan for moving in and out of the apartment;
  • Honour the terms of the lease;
  • Have a job or a plan to get one;
  • Be respectful of the neighbourhood and the neighbours;
  • Be respectful of the property and the other tenants.


Being a landlord can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, and finding the right tenants is crucial for success. As we’ve explored in this post, there are five key traits that landlords absolutely love about their tenants: responsibility, communication skills, cleanliness, long-term commitment, and financial stability. By embodying these characteristics as a tenant, you not only increase your chances of securing your dream rental but also foster a positive relationship with your landlord. Remember to always be reliable and respectful towards your rental property – treat it like home because it is! So, next time you’re searching for a new place or looking to renew your lease, keep these qualities in mind and give yourself an edge over other applicants. Landlords appreciate good tenants who make their jobs easier while creating an enjoyable living environment for everyone involved. Happy renting!

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