Kenyon Jesse Mcmahon is the son of the famous WWE star  Shane McMahon and Marissa Mazzola-McMahon. Kenyon was born in the united states of America on March 26, 2006. He has two siblings; Declan James McMahon and Rogan McMahon.Kenyon McMahon is of the Christian faith.

Kenyon Jesse McMahon’s Parents

Shane McMahon met Marissa when they were young; they became very close friends and went on to get married on September 14, 1996. Their marriage was remarkable because it involved only their family and a few friends. The two welcomed their first son in 2004, Kenyon was born in 2006, and their lastborn came in 2010.

McMahon family is currently based in Manhattan, New York.

Shane McMahon, Kenyon’s father, is an American businessman who, as of 2022, has a net worth of 35 million dollars. He is an occasional wrestler in the WWE brand and is also a part-owner. To top it all off, Shane McMahon serves as a storyline commissioner on the SmackDown Live show.

With Shane McMahon’s experience, he has won several championships, including the European Championship and the Hardcore Championship.

Marissa Mazzola-McMahon, Kenyon’s mother, is a talented  American personality. She is a film producer who started as a co-host in the LiveWire show where she appeared in several interviews and got the advantage of conducting many interviews.

Marissa was also involved in the wrestling field, where she was the head of public relations in the WWF and got the chance to work with many stars, like The Rock and Stone Cold.

Currently, Marissa is focused on film production, such that she has her own film production company, Kamala Films, based in New York City. The company has been able to produce two films so far, Anamorph and What Maisie Knew, and also Quitters-a short film.

Kenyon McMahon’s siblings

Kenyon has two brothers, Declan James, and Rogan McMahon. Declan James is the eldest and was born two years before Kenyon on February 13, 2004. As their family is athletic, Declan is playing college football as a running back and quarterback for Indiana Hoosiers. Declan, Kenyon’s brother, is active on social media platforms. He has 6600 followers on Instagram, follows 895 users, has posted ten times, and uses the username @dmcmahon_. Additionally, he is active on Twitter which he joined in May 2019.

Rogan McMahon, 12, the younger brother of Kenyon McMahon, is surprisingly more active on Instagram, having posted 68 times despite his smaller following than his brother Kenyon.

Kenyon McMahon’s Relationship status and Profession

At his young age, 16 years, Kenyon is not in any romantic relationship at the moment, but he has a close and excellent relationship with his parents.

Kenyon Jesse McMahon rose to fame because of his parents’ stars; for instance, his father, Shane McMahon, is a co-owner in WWE, so who wouldn’t know such a person. Kenyon is not currently active in any profession.

Social Media

Kenyon has an Instagram private account where he has 968 followers and follows 1257 users. He seems to be not so active since he has only posted once.

To find him on Instagram, check him at @_kenyon_mcmahon_.

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