You have come to the right place, whether you want to expand your current waterpark with a new aquatic playground or are in the planning phases of constructing a brand-new waterpark.

An Aquatic playground, including its play structures, can be enjoyable for the whole family. However, with so many variations, styles, and colours to select from, how does someone go about choosing the proper one?

Well, you don’t have to worry because aquatic playground specialists, the Vortex team, have taken quite a few clients through the choice-making process before. We are sharing our advice with you today to help the process go a little smoother!

Tips to help you choose the perfect play structures for your water park

By following these simple tips, you will easily be able to make the right decision regarding aquatic playground structures for your project:

Consider Your Budget

Evaluating your budget is the first step in making any park-related choice. What kind of budget do you have for this new addition? It’s time to meet with the experts once you’ve established a budget!

Work with a qualified aquatic playground maker to discover the best bang for your money. Depending on your purpose for the new addition, you may be encouraged to choose one enormous structure or a few smaller constructions.

Determine How to Make the Most of Your Budget

The building isn’t the only expense that goes toward the budget when installing a new aquatic playground in your park. Additional costs such as water supply lines, pump systems, and building foundations must be considered.

Like when picking the building, a knowledgeable vendor may assist you in evaluating current equipment to see if you can save money by utilizing pumps and water lines that are already in place.

Think About the Present Attractions

Considering the current attractions is crucial when picking a new aquatic playground for an already-existing park. While maintaining a balance of variety for various types of visitors, you want your park to have a consistent theme, style, and feel throughout.

To decide what kind of play structure is best, analyze your current play equipment and rides with the help of your park management team and vendor.

Consider Your Goal Age Group

Which age group will this new structure be aimed at? Only young children? Only for older kids? Or a blend of the two?

Your target audience will heavily influence which play structure you decide to install. Once more, begin by considering the existing buildings in your park. Do they target a specific age group? If so, you will want to try to aim your new play structure at an older or younger group suitably to guarantee your park is fun for the whole family!

Safety Above All Else

When adding a new play structure or any other attraction at your park, it is vital to address safety first. Things to consider to provide a safe experience for everybody when choosing and installing a new play structure include:

  • children’s visibility to parents nearby
  • Construction standards and materials
  • number of entry and exit points
  • proximity to a first aid station or a lifeguard stand


The best decision before concluding is to connect with experts available to assist you if you’re thinking about adding a new water playground to your park. Give the experts a call right away to learn more about slides, splash pads, spray features, and other amenities.

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