Every motorbike owner likes to maintain their motorbikes in good condition. After purchase, a motorbike owner must maintain given standards to keep the motorbike running and in top shape.

Keeping the motorbike in good condition helps prevent accidents, maintain safety, and helps to avoid you being stranded on the side of the road. Let us brush over some of the tips to ensure that your motorbike remains in good condition.

  • Regularly check your tires

It is vital to check your motorbike tires regularly. You should conduct a visual examination to check for bulging of the wheels, among other items. To check for cuts scratches on the wheels of the motorbike. Checking helps ensure that the air pressure in the wheels is of the recommended levels by your manufacturer.

Additionally, checking helps prevent tire bursts that may occur while riding your motorcycle hence causing an accident. While checking, it is essential to check if the tires have the proper tread measurements and correctly aligned.

  • Clutch adjustment

The clutch is used for changing the gears in your motorbike, and it is vital to ensure that the clutch is well adjusted. An overtight clutch may cause it to slip without your notice and cause an increase in fuel consumption. The clutch is often used when riding. It is vital to ensure that it is in the right amount of free play. Ensure that the clutch is in good condition before embarking on a ride.

  • Check the engine and oil level

The engine is the lifeline of your motorbike. For this reason, it must be kept in the proper condition. It involves regularly servicing and tuning your engine for it to run smoothly. While checking the engine, it is vital to check the engine oil as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the motorbike. Keep the fluid level at the recommended level and ensure you change the oil because dirty oil will damage the engine and increase fuel consumption.

It is essential to give attention to the carburettor and valve while cleaning. Every motorbike owner should clean the carburettor for every 1500 kilometres travelled. Additionally, regularly clean the sparkplug after 750 kilometres depending on the strokes that the bike contains may require to be cleaned at different intervals travelled.

  • Transmission system

The motorcycle chain requires regular cleaning and adjustment. It is vital to clean the chain with liquids like paraffin and a soft brush to clean inside parts of the chain as cleaning using water may cause rusting to the chains, so it is vital to use the suitable liquid.

While checking the transmission system, it is critical to ensure that your motorbike has free play anywhere around 2mm to 4 mm. Any tension occurring in the chain may cause the rear wheel not to power while in motion. For adjustments, consider visiting the mechanic to have it set in the proper condition recommended by the manufacturer. It is not recommended to shift the engine drastically from the fifth gear to the first gear, damaging the pistons.

  • Maintain the brakes

To maintain your motorbike in good condition, you must pay attention to your brakes. Ensure that the brakes holding the tires are correctly spaced. Additionally, brakes should not be tight or loose. You should replace your braking pads regularly if you notice some screeching sound. It is recommended to adjust the brakes according to the rider’s preference.

Brakes are essential to be kept in the right condition because they regulate the speed, and if they are faulty, they may cause grave harm to the rider and other road users.

  • Clean your bike regularly

Keep your motorbike looking shiny with frequent washes of the body and parts. Before starting the cleaning process, you should ensure the ignition switch unit and silencer are well-covered to prevent water from reaching the parts. Cleaning prevents the build-up of grease and other dirt that could decrease the performance level, and you should use a microfiber cloth.

Try to avoid the car wash centres as the pressure may end up damaging parts in your motorbike. After cleaning, ensure to park it under a shade to prevent the colour from fading out.

  • Maintain the battery and get insurance

It is vital to ensure that you maintain the battery regularly. Ensure it has the right amount of fluid to keep the bike running smoothly. The motorbike should be free from any battery leaks. If you go for long periods without riding the motorbike, ensure the battery is fully charged.

For anyone intending to ride a motorbike, then getting motorbike insurance is recommended. It helps to cushion against uncertainties like accidents that may occur while you are riding on the road. Additionally, it could even relieve stress if any of the parts in your motorcycle got stolen by providing funds to purchase new items.

Final thoughts

The tips mentioned above help ensure that your motorbike is maintained in the proper condition. Conducting regular checks will help your bike to perform optimally. It is wise to seek the services of a professional for cases you cannot handle. Most importantly, ensure you maintain safety while riding.

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