The used cars market has seen a steady rise in terms of sales and demand. The continuous rise can be attributed to the emergence of online automobile platforms. Today, you need not venture out of your home to look out for a reliable seller for hours and months.

All the available used cars are listed online for potential buyers to buy. Carantee has not only made the search of used vehicles an easy one but also makes it easy to get the respective vehicle information on the go.

According to the report published on Statista, “The pre-owned car market had a size of over 4.4 million units across India in the fiscal year 2020. This was more than the size of the new car market for the measured time frame.” As the report highlights, gone are the days when people were hesitant about the used cars and their performance. Today, you can find top-notch cars at affordable prices.

What makes buying used cars online safe and affordable?

  • Quality

Tested Online automobile platforms carry out their own sets of quality and performance checks. This helps the consumers find the best second hand cars without having to spend hours and hours. Simply, filter your search based on specific search filers and requirements and the sophisticated web interface guides you to the precise search results to match your requirements. You can check the performance report as well online.

  • Genuine sellers

Buyers do not have to deal with dubious sources rather with a proper background check with contact and residential information, it is only genuine sellers you are directed to meet. Also, with an individual seller profile, you can check all the necessary information and make sure that the profile is a genuine one. Missing contact information, for example, is an indication of a dubious profile.

  • Fair Market pricing

Quite often than not, it is pricing negotiations because of which the deals fall flat. Many online automobile platforms have their own used car valuation tool to help users find out the Fair Market Price of their used vehicle. Fair Market Price generated with the online tool helps both the buyer and seller come to a mutually accepted selling price of a used vehicle. Hence, eliminating unnecessary negotiations in the process.

  • Authentic information

Every vehicle information which you might need to make an informed decision is made available on the website itself. Also, with vehicle history reports you can check the authenticity of the used vehicle information provided by the sellers.

The online platform has not only made the overall buying/selling journey a seamless one. By integrating tech tools for pricing certificates and performance reports, for example, it becomes easier for the buyer/seller to carry on with finalizing the deal rather than fuss over the missing information or authenticity of the information provided.

Benefits of buying used cars online

The traditional process of buying secondhand cars was too cumbersome. From finding reliable sellers, genuine information to the quality of used cars, a buyer used to be always in a doubt. The online platform has eliminated all the pain points with a seamless journey. Technology integration has greatly helped people enjoy a hassle-free process to buy their favorite car.

The two most important factors, pricing, and performance are determined with machine learning tools rather than the whims of a seller or a buyer. All a potential buyer must do is check out the listed vehicle and choose the best one according to their budget and requirements.

For sellers, the online platform gets their used car sold at the earliest. No need to spread the word with your neighbors and friends or wait for months to get in touch with a buyer. Simply, get your used vehicle listed online and you will have millions of buyers checking out the respective vehicle to buy.

Technology is playing a crucial role in bringing in seamless systems. Every business sector and service model are being revamped with tech integration for seamless solutions. Used cars buying/selling journey has been made a simpler one with tech integration.

Today, you can find your favorite car without even stepping a foot outside your home and even get it delivered at your doorsteps, just make sure that you opt for a test drive before finalizing any particular car model.

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