One of the newest developments in the jewelry sector is that of e-retailing of jewelry. Earlier, there was a belief that eCommerce will not work for the jewelry sector. This is because jewelry is a high-value product and the risks of long-distance shipping are high.

However, new-age shipping processes make sure that jewelry is shipped securely. This has given jewelry businesses the freedom to operate from the online marketplace. Amazon FBA online jewelry shops have existed for a long time. However, only now have they gained traction. For any online jewelry business, it is essential to pay attention to shipping the products properly.

Here are a few unsaid shipping rules of the online jewelry business for you to take note of:

The Jewelry Package Is Essential

Jewelry is often delicate because of the intricate work on metal. Such fragile products need proper packaging to ensure proper delivery.

Without good packaging, jewelry is prone to distortion and breakage. For example, if you do not package rhinestone jewelry properly, the rhinestones may fall off in the middle of shipping.

Organize The Jewelry

Before packaging the jewelry, it is imperative to clean and polish the jewelry. Before putting it inside a box, it is important to lay the jewelry properly in front of the box. This ensures that the correct jewelry goes into the right box. This helps you avoid confusion in the later stage.

You should ensure that all the packaging happens in clean containers and pouches. Remember that someone will wear jewelry. Therefore, it is essential to package it using gloves and clean surfaces.

Secure The Jewelry In Wraps

Apart from a box, jewelry pieces also need additional protection. Jewelry is very intricate; therefore, security is critical. You can secure the jewelry using plastic bags. You can also use bubble wrap to secure jewelry pieces.

This ensures that the jewelry pieces ship in shock absorbent boxes and packaging. This protects the jewelry from any shocks during transit and ensures secure delivery of the package.

Wrap The Outer Box Firmly

Don’t just secure the jewelry pieces; also secure the box for packaging. Usually, the box in which the jewelry stays transfers into another shipping box. This shipping box is generally made of cardboard. It is better to wrap the box in tissue or in a protective foam for better shipping.

This is then placed inside the shipping box for the final shipment. Since jewelry is delicate and of high value, it is best to go for multiple protective coverings. This ensures that no one can open it right away in case of theft. It is better to use protective packaging like newspapers, packaging peanuts, and cushions to prevent damage to the jewelry.

Seal The Box Securely

Sealing the shipping box is very important because it ensures that the jewelry remains tamper-proof. Thus, sealing the package is very important. You can use heavy-duty packaging tape to seal the outer box.

You can then use the same tape to secure the shipping box too. Double sealing the shipping box ensures that the contents are secure inside. From this, the customer can also see if the seal is intact.

Keep The Box Unmarked

It is best to leave the box unmarked. By not including any marks, you avoid writing “fragile” or “valuable” on it. This avoids instances of stealing because the package does not seem significant. If the box has a mark of value, it can attract the attention of thieves.

Request Signature Upon Delivery

You ensure that the package delivers to the right customer by requesting a signature. For precious items, only the authorized customer can access the box. This ensures that the package is not misplaced or mishandled.

These are the pointers you must note if you plan to start an online business of jewelry. Proper shipment is a must for you to carry out the online jewelry business effectively without any hassles.

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