Fashion is one of the many ways people can use to express themselves. It’s also a way for some people to make themselves feel better since dressing up and wearing nice clothes can instantly uplift your mood. Furthermore, it’s a great way to experiment and be more creative.

And if you’re a fashion brand, you would want to make a statement to make it desirable for more people. Besides, there’s nothing more rewarding than having more people want to wear the clothing that you make.

But how you can make your designs make a statement isn’t always the easiest thing you can do on the fly. To help out with this, here are some things you could try or keep in mind as you’re coming up with an effective design.

1. Keep Up With The Trends

The first thing you could do as a designer is to do some research on the current trends. This will help you get an idea about what people like to wear at the moment. For instance, the cuts, patterns, and fabrics can quickly change every season, which is why it’s crucial to stay on top of it.

But to do this, you don’t have to watch or read every fashion update. All you need to do is get on social media and follow the right people who are in the lead when it comes to fashion. Moreover, you could go on trendy clothing apps to help you visualize. Remember that it’s a great way to get an idea and inspiration and not to copy designs.

Fashion Statement With Your Own Designs

2. Don’t Forget To Try Something Different

Keeping up with trends is all well and good if you want to make pieces that can look popular. However, if you’re going to make waves and be more experimental, stepping out of the box would be the way to go. This way, you can develop something new and unique that would rattle the fashion world.

Many designers in the market have tried to create certain clothing pieces to catch attention. But remember that the audience can tell the difference between a ridiculous design made to shock people and a truly innovative and fresh design. Unless your goal is to agitate the crowd with a strange design, you might want to keep in mind that the design should be creative but still wearable so you don’t go too far over the edge.

3. Make Them Wearable But Not Boring

As mentioned, wearability is important, but you might end up with something boring. To keep this from happening, take a step back and really look at your design. Ask yourself if this is something that people can easily buy in a department store. Blending in with these designs is a huge sign that you’re not making a statement, so keep it a little edgier than the things you can get off the rack.

4. Add Actual Statements

Sometimes, the best way to make a statement is to write it down; in this case, print it on. Now that statements are becoming popular for tops for women, sweaters, pullovers, and shirts, why not get on it with unique phrases of your own?

At the same time, simple statements or a word or two could even get more of an impact. But design-wise, it’s a good idea to develop a typeface that’s unique to your brand. This way, you can stay away from bland and usual fonts that you see all over the market.

5. Ensure That They’re Well Made

With the boom of fast fashion, plenty of clothing pieces have a cool design but aren’t well made. Cheap clothes aren’t something you want to be associated with your design and brand. Therefore, make sure that you use high-quality materials and that the craftsmanship is there.

It’s not only going to make your customers happy, but it’s also going to reflect well on your design, skills, and your company as a whole. And when your customers pick up on this, they’ll be back again and again to make more purchases.

6. Take Your Time With The Designs

It might be a cliche to say that you can’t rush art, but there is some truth to it. Letting unique ideas come to you when you’re inspired will be a cathartic and freeing moment.

In comparison, forcing yourself to develop a groundbreaking design will stress you out. That being said, you can’t just sit and let inspiration come to you. Instead, look for inspiration by going to artistic events and spending time with people who help your creative juices flow.


All in all, making a statement through fashion is an artistic process. Therefore, you might want to keep yourself inspired and creative so that you can come up with something new that people will want to wear. But even when you come up with an extraordinary statement, design, and print, it’s equally necessary to be well-made since that can also make a statement on its own.

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