It’s common to feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera, especially if you’ve always been camera shy. Unless you’re a social media influencer, a celebrity, or someone who loves taking selfies and videos of yourself, it could be challenging to look natural when shooting a video. However, this is one of the most crucial components of your wedding, as it can be an important treasure that you can look back to many years from now.

It’s vital to learn some tips and tricks on how to produce great results from your wedding video. You can make the most of your wedding videos and photos by practicing in front of the camera. Some options also include getting inspiration from other couples or simply getting assisted by the most professional and experienced Vancouver wedding videographer for your wedding in Canada.

Make your wedding video a success by following the tips below to look your best and be natural in your wedding video.

1. Hire A Professional Wedding Videographer Whom You Feel Comfortable With

Considering how important your wedding is, it’s crucial to hire the best wedding videographer for your big day. You need to consider different aspects when choosing the best professional videographer. But one of the most important factors is ensuring you’re comfortable working with them.

Having a professional but friendly relationship with the videographer can help you and your partner feel more relaxed and at ease in front of the lens. You should hire someone with a cheerful attitude that makes you easily get along with them. This is an important characteristic because their pleasant demeanor can primarily impact how you pose and follow their guidance.

The right wedding professional will be able to direct and guide you with your actions and poses without making them appear forced or staged. A friendly wedding videographer will know how to make you feel more comfortable, so this can also reflect on the lens. They should know how to capture genuine and authentic moments without pressuring you to do these and that.

2. Smile Often

If you’re wondering what to do in front of the camera, the simple answer is to keep smiling. This is a fail-proof pose that will produce great video and print outcomes. It doesn’t matter how self-conscious you are about your smile; outputs with a smiling couple are always the best. Try to smile often, as this can enhance your beauty even more.

Even if you feel that your smile is imperfect, the beauty at that moment being captured can produce surprising outcomes that may blow your mind. The best videographers have the knack for getting the best of your smiling moments. A happy expression is a must for your wedding video posing since your wedding day is a special occasion.

There are different smiling techniques to try. You can experiment with them before your actual wedding shoot. Smiles can be achieved by opening your mouth, showing your teeth, or smiling with closed lips. Facial expressions can make up diverse smiling poses. The key is practicing in front of the mirror or your camera and mixing up different smile poses. Enjoy the moment and smile genuinely because it’s your special day, after all.

3. Wear A Wedding Dress That You’re Comfortable And Happy In

Another important element that influences natural wedding videos is your wedding dress. Don’t wear anything that doesn’t make you comfortable. You should choose an elegant wedding dress that is comfortable and allows you the freedom to move as you’ll be in front of the camera for quite a long time.

When choosing the best wedding gown, consider the right fit, ensuring that it’s not too tight nor too loose on your body. The overly tight dress can restrict your movements and suffocate your breathing. However, a loose wedding dress could make you appear bloated or bulky. Contact your wedding dress specialist and let them help you find the perfect wedding gown.

4. Get The Right Hair And Makeup That Flatters Your Features

Brides need to get their hair and makeup done professionally for them to showcase their natural beauty even more. Your makeup artist should know how to make the most of your organic beauty. The right makeup shouldn’t feel too heavy on your skin and should still allow you to look like your own self.

Stay away from makeup that completely transforms you into a different person. While this can be tempting, it might not serve as a good memory in the future as you realize how heavy your makeup is. Make sure you have a hair and makeup trial to determine which look suits you best.

5. Make Sure You’re Well Rested

Couples can easily get distracted by all the factors in planning a wedding. Sometimes, it could be hard to get enough sleep. However, this is important in looking natural in front of the camera. Being well-rested would allow you to pose more naturally and cheerfully. Your mood is lighter and happier when you get enough sleep the nights before the big day.

In contrast, not having enough rest and sleep will earn you bloodshot eyes and dark under-eye circles, which can be difficult to conceal with makeup. It’ll also make you more irritable and sluggish. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure you’re always well-rested every night despite the many things to plan for your big day.


Looking natural in your wedding video can be achieved by applying some tips and tricks discussed in this article. It’s important to hire the right videographer who’s cheerful, friendly, patient, and capable of capturing authentic moments of the couple. Hopefully, you can apply the tips in this article to have a great wedding video that will definitely wow all your guests.

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