Exhaust systems are essential for the bike’s performance and the rider’s safety. It emits gases from the fuel combustion helping the engine to cool down and perform well under severe conditions.

However, you can modify them according to your needs but beware of the low-quality ones. They might be cheap, but over time they are more damaging to the bike than anything else.

The following article will teach you how to differentiate low-quality systems and avoid counterfeit exhausts.

Types of Exhaust Systems

You need to know what type of exhaust you are looking for before you can begin to differentiate between lower-quality motorcycle exhausts. There are two main types of exhaust systems.

  • Full System Exhaust

This exhaust system is ideal for riders that go on long trips or are speed junkies. It is designed for high performance and durability in bikes. However, this system will replace many of your bike’s exhaust mechanisms, but the results are worth the effort.

  • Slip-on Exhaust System

A slip-on exhaust system is the best choice if you do not want to replace the entire system. They are ideal for bikes used in intra-city commutes. The system offers low-end performance, making it ideal for frequent stopping and going in the city.

To ensure the quality of both types, look at the manufacturer’s information. Also, look at the tool and its accessories as it’s a good indicator of quality.

Proper Installation

Installation is another essential component for testing. The way the system is installed determines the quality and how well it will perform. A low-quality exhaust system is immediately recognized through its sound and emission rate. Also, perfect exhaust systems fit the bike like a glove; if you use counterfeit or low-quality ones, it will take time to install them. If your exhaust kit comes with a manual than its probably the real thing.

Additional Kits

Usually, when you change the exhaust system in bikes, you must also configure its airflow and fuel injector settings. A good quality exhaust comes with its unique fuel management system, exhaust gaskets and air cleaner. All these additional components are configured to a particular exhaust system and are usually a part of the kit.


The best indication of a good quality exhaust system is its warranty. The after-market exhaust systems usually last for 3-4 years, depending on the rider’s speeding habits and other factors. However, a counterfeit system can go bust within a month. Therefore, if you receive a warranty on your exhaust system, it indicates that you are buying a good quality one.

As with any other spare parts industry, the chances of low quality and counterfeit products are high. This can make things tricky for people with only basic knowledge of exhaust systems as they are more vulnerable to fraud. If your bike’s exhaust system needs an overhaul or replacement, always consider the above factors to make the right choice. Remember, low-quality ones are cheap, but their damage to the engine is irreversible.


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