Candles can add some tenderness to almost all. You may present them as Christmas gifts, but you could gift them for any occasion or holiday, as well. Learn how to make homemade DIY scented candles.

Here are some things to know if you’re new at making candles.

  • Empty containers or jars
  • An old (cleaned) tin can
  • Large enough pot
  • Wick
  • Wick holders/tabs
  • Optional skewers or Dowels
  • Scented Oil (optional).
  • Knife (optional)

You can also check your local craft store for these supplies.

If you have some time, you can start to accumulate supplies before you need them. Instead of purchasing fresh wax, it is absolutely possible to ask friends and family to give you their material “leftovers.” If you frequently burn candles, scrape the leftovers and store them somewhere for later.

For your homemade scented candles, you can use the original candle containers!

You can peel off the labels and clean the jars with warm water over the stove. Use a napkin in order to remove any wax.

You can melt any leftovers by using a butter knife to cut the pieces out of hardened wax.

You can also use old candles to get “free” wax. Did you ever find that a candle’s wick burned down to the point where it was barely visible? You don’t have to throw away the candle. Instead, you can use the wax to make candles again!

After you have your wax, you can either buy a new one from the store or melt it in a container using a double boiler. You can have to be squished into a shape that is easy to pour. Don’t boil water! The can could possibly bounce.

You can add a few drops of a certain scent if you like

Preparing your wicks is easy while your wax melts. Metal wick holders are not necessary, but they can save you a lot of time. So as to hold your wick in place, simply string it through the bottom.

You can also buy pre-tabbed candle wicks to save a step.

Because wax can be messy, it is preferable to place the jars onto a lined surface. To keep the wicks straight, you can use dowels. You can also wrap the top or use tape to secure them. You can also choose to dip the wick in the melted wax and then hold it straight until it dries. Pencils are also good options if you don’t own dowels. Some wicks have a “strong core” to ensure they stay up longer.

When everything has already melted, you can add a few drops more of the scent to make sure it doesn’t wear off.

After your wax has melted completely, you can start checking for any chunks using a butter knife or a dowel. The slow and tiring process of pouring out the wax can be started. Please don’t fill the can with excessive wax.

You can use oven mitts to hold hot cans – which adds to the difficulty of pouring the wax.

Two-tone is an appropriate choice for making candles. But, you can make them however you like! After your wax has been poured properly, you can wait for it to cool down and harden. While the wax is still warm, you can add a few drops of fragrance to each candle. Generally, it doesn’t matter how many scents I add to the candles.

If you are doing multiple colors, you will need to prepare the next one in the same manner. You don’t need to harden/cool the first layer, but it should be hard enough so that the next layer of wax doesn’t get mixed up. You can also use a different fragrance. Make sure that the scents are a good match.

After the wax has hardened, remove any excess wicks and clean up any mess.

The candles can be decorated however you like. You can even add a label or tie a ribbon.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making homemade scented candles. You can make a 5-layer rainbow candle. It’s okay if you prefer to match the colors with the scents, but that is a personal preference for everyone. There are many other cool candle methods that can be used (including for making scented candle gift sets), but these are some basic guidelines.

Please note that leftover wax from other candles may be a problem. When using leftovers, try to either not add any additional scent and just use what the candle was, and also add a complimentary/similar scent to enhance whatever the original one was.

Are you a beginner at making homemade scented candles? Do you throw out wax and jars of candle wax that is not being used? You can turn that wax into candles and amaze your loved ones with your handy skills.

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