In this article, we are going to learn about a celebrity child “Finn William Leeves Coben” who is the son of jane leeves and Marshall Coben. He was is an 18-year-old boy who opened his eyes on 19 December the year 2003 and bought up in the United States of America.

He is just like a celebrity herself because of the gorgeous lifestyle due to his parent’s fame and money. As a life of star child, money and fame is awarded to him by her parents with a silver spoon. Because of his celebrity life, she is often seen on the red carpet of award shows with his parents.

Family background:

Jane Leeves

As stated above, Finn is the son of Jane Leeves who is a well-known English actress, producer, and leading American actress on CBS Television. Jane wrote her name in the Hollywood television industry from her work on the sitcom Frasier. She worked from 1993 to 2004 on tv shows. She was nominated for a Grammy and a Golden Globe for his role in the sitcom on NBC Television. Jane also played Joy Scroggs on TV Land’s sitcom Hot in Cleveland.

Marshall Coben

Finn’s father Marshall Coben is a producer, and actor, as well as a television executive at CBS Productions and Paramount Television. His first opportunities in the entertainment industry were as an assistant in

post-production. He worked on a show called “Father Dowling Mysteries” a series featuring the titular Catholic priest. After trying for some minor acting roles, he mainly stayed background. In 2013 when he appeared as an interviewee in the documentary about the world’s first skateboard race “Signal Hill Speed Run”. Despite his wife’s fame, Coben manages to keep himself out of sight. Jane said she wanted to work as a dancer, mostly ballet, but left because of an injury.

Relationship with family:

Finn is not only loving toward his parent but also has a beautiful relationship with his grandparents Ruth Leeves and Collin Leeves. Finn seems to have a lovely relationship with his aunt Katheryn Leeves as he is

often seen to be hanging out with her. Finn also has a lovely companion in his sister Isabelle Katheryn Coben. He seems to be in a good relationship with his sister as the two sisters often met when they went shopping and tried new restaurants and cafes around town. Everyone has seen their relationship grow through social media.


Finn was a Sagittarius as he was born on the 19th of December. Finn’s personality matches perfectly with his sign. According to his sign, Finn William enjoys walking in tight concepts, and those born below are not afraid. Finn William is usually strong and calm. Sagittarius people like to help strong people with their work or values. Finn William is a very kind and active person.

He has a good relationship with his immediate family as he always seems to enjoy their company. Unfortunately, he does not have any social media like Twitter or Facebook, etc. He seems very fond of workouts as he was Spotted outside gyming sessions by the paparazzi. As we said, his life is no different from that of a famous star child.


Finn is an 18-year-old. He is very intelligent like his parent. As much as Finn like his celebrity-like life he also is a very private person like his father. He is still young so he is just enjoying his life given as a star child

Finn William Leeves Coben Net worth:

Finn is still young as he had not made his name in any field. So, his net worth is not estimated yet. His parent’s net worth is $53 Million. As their career grows, their net worth also going to increase

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