Tourists have made requests for guest WiFi access one of the top features for rental properties. Therefore, eventually, if you want to maintain producing a lucrative quantity of bookings, you will need to install guest WiFi for your rental property. These days, visitors expect this convenience to be provided as part of the usual facilities in a vacation rental.

Choosing the right Internet plan for your vacation rentals is an important aspect after a channel manager for running your vacation rentals. It should be high-speed and fibre-optic. However, when choosing a plan, you need to take into account the types of users who will be staying at your vacation rentals. For daytime guests, a limited plan may be enough, while guests who stay overnight may need a more comprehensive plan.

There’s a good chance you’ll lose out on paying guests to competitors that provide free guest WiFi if your vacation rental doesn’t. Modern traveller’s worry more about having unrestricted internet access than they do about having a dishwasher or cable television.

This is why you must ensure the legality of their usage of the rented WiFi service by providing a reliable and, above all, secure network.

Internet costs in vacation rentals

The cost of high-speed Internet access varies greatly depending on the service provider and type of connection. Fiber-optic connections typically cost around $55 per month for 300 Mbps. 4G and 5G connections cost about the same, while DSL can run you anywhere from $37 to 70 per month.

Offering free Wi-Fi to guests can be risky, since not all internet providers offer unlimited data plans. Even one guest watching Netflix can send the monthly bill into the stratosphere. Therefore, you should consider making sure that your rental rate includes enough data to cover any overage costs.

Choosing a high-speed internet provider

One of the most important things to provide in your vacation rentals is high-speed internet access. Your guests will want to be able to connect to the internet without delay. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find a high-speed internet provider. Simply enter your zip code and look up the available providers.

When choosing an internet provider, remember to consider your usage patterns. You might not use the internet as much as you do at home, so don’t choose a plan that ties you down to a specific package. Moreover, don’t be pressured to purchase a package that is too expensive or offers fewer features.

Setting up a virtual private network (VPN)

Using a VPN for your vacation rentals is an important security step. This technology gives your guests an encrypted connection to the internet, and it prevents your ISP from monitoring their online activities. You can even use this to keep your contact information from guests.

A VPN can also help you save money on airfare. For example, it will allow you to search for a cheaper flight by changing your IP address. Many websites charge more if they believe you are from a high-income country, but by changing your IP address, you can search for the best price.

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